ABBREVIATIONS and abbreviated references. The following list, though necessarily incomplete, may be useful to some readers. A, a, the first letter of the alphabet, is sometimes used in the ancient law books to denote that the paging is the first of that number in the book. As an abbreviation, A is used for anonymous.
A. & A. on Corp. Angell & Ames on Corporations. Sometimes cited Ang. on Corp.
A. B. Anonymous Reports, printed at the end of Bendloe's Reports. 
A. D. Anno\ Domini, in the year of our Lord
A. & E. Adolphus and Ellis' Reports.
A. & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports, New Series, commonly cited Q. 
A. & F. on Fixt. Amos & Ferard on Fixtures.
A. K. Marsh. A. K. Marshall's (Kty.) Reports.
Ab. or Abr. Abridgement.
Abr. Ca. Eq.
Abridgement of cases in Equity.
Abs. Absolute.  
Ab. Sh. Abbott on Shipping.
Acc. Accord or Agrees.
Act. Acton's Reports.
Act. Reg. Acta Regia.
Ad. Eject. Adams on Ejectment.
Ad. & Ell. Adolphus & Ellis' Reports.
Ad. finn. Ad finem. At or near the ond.
Ads. Ad sectum, vide
Addam's R. Addam's Ecclesiastical Reports. In E. Eccl. Rep.
Addis on Contr. Addison on the Law of Contracts and on Parties to actions ex contractu.
Addis. R. Addison's Reports.
Admr. Administrator.
Ady. C. M.
Adye on Courts Martial.
Aik. R. Aiken's Reports.
Al. Aleyn's Cases.
Al. Alinea. Al et. Et alii, and others.
Al.& N. Alcock & Napier's Reports.
Ala. R. Alabama Report.
Alc. Reg. G. Alcock's Registration Case.
Ald. Van Hoes. Dig. A Digest of the Laws of Mississippi, by T. J. Fox
Alden and J. A. Yan Hoesen.
Aldr. Hilt. Aldridge's History of the Court of Law.
Alis. Prin.
Alison's Principles of the Criminal Law of Scotland.
All. Mor. Tr. Allen and Morris' Trial.
Alley. L. D. of Mar. Alleyne's Legal Degrees of Marriage considered.
Alln. Part. Allnat on Partition.
Am. America, American, or
Amb. Ambler's Reports.
Am. Fer. on. Fixt. Amos & Ferard on Fixtures.
Amer. America, American, or Americana.
Amer. Dig. American Digest.
Amer. Jur. American Jurist.
An. Anonymous.
And . Anderson's Reports.
Ander. Ch. War. Anderdon on Church Warden.
Andr. Andrew's Report.
Ang. on Adv. Enj. Angell's Inquiry into the rule of law which creates a right to an 
     incorporeal hereditament, by an adverse enjoyment of twenty years.
Ang. on Ass. Angell's Practical Summary of the Law of Assignment in trust for creditors.
Ang. on B. T. Angell on Bank Tax.
Ang. on Corp. Angell on the Law of Private Corporations.
Ang. on Limit. Angell's Treatise on the Limitation of Actions at Law, and Suits in Equity.
Ang. on Tide Wat. Angell on the right of property in Tide Waters.
Ang. on Water Courses. Angell on the Common Law in relation to Water Courses.
Anne; as 1 Ann. c. 7.
Anna. Annaly's Reports. This book is usually cited Cas. Temp. Hardw.
Annesl. on Ins. Annesley on Insurance.
Anstruther's Reports.
Anth. Shep. Anthon's editon's of Sheppard's Touchstone.
Ap. Justin. Apud Justinianum, or Justinian's Institutes.
Appx. Appendix.
Arch Archbold. Arch. Civ. Pl. Archbold's Civil Pleadings. Arch. Cr. Pl. Archbold's 
    Criminal Pleadins. Arch. Pr. Archbold's Practice. 
Arch. B. L. Archbold's Bankrupt law. Arch. L. & T.
Archbold on the Law of Landlord  and Tenant. Arch. N. P. Archbold's Law of nisi Prius.
Arg. Argumento, by an argument drawn from such a law. it also signifies arguendo.
Arg. Inst. Institution au Droit Francais, par M. Argou.
Ark. Rep. Arkansas Reports. See Pike's Rep.
Ark. Rev. Stat.
Arkansas Revised Statutes.
Art. Article
Ashm. R. Ashmead's Reports
Aso & Man. Inst. Aso and Manuel's institutes of the Laws of Spain.
Ass. or Lib.
Ass. Liber Assissarium, or Pleas of the Crown.
Ast. Ent. Aston's Entries.
Atherl. on Mar. Atherley on the Law of Marriage and other Family Settlements.
Atk. Atkyn's Reports.
Atk. P. T. Atkyn's Parliamentary Tracts.
Atk. on Con. Atkinson on Conveyancing.
Atk. on Tit. Atkinson on Marketable Titles.
Ats. in practice, is an abbreviation for the words "at suit of," and is used when the 
    defendant files any pleadings; for example: when the defendant enters a plea he puts 
    his name before that of the plaintiff, reversing the order in which they are on the 
    record. C.D.(the defendant,) ats A.B. (the plaintiff.)
Aust. on Jur. The Province of Jurisprudence determind, by John Austin
Auth. Authentica, in the
Authentic; that is, the Summary of some of the Novels of the Civil Law inserted in the code 
    under such a title.
Ay. Ayliff'es Pandect.
Parerg. Ayliffe's Parergon juris canonici Anglicani.
Azun. Mar. Law.
Azuni's Maritime Law of Europe.
B, b, is used to point out that a number, used at the head of a page to denote the folio, is 
    the second number of the same volume.
B. B. Bail Bond.
B. or Bk. Book.
B. & A. Barnewall & Alderson's Reports.
B. & B. Ball & Beatty's Reports.
B. C. R. Brown's Chancery Reports.
B. Eccl. L. Burn's Ecclesiatical Law.
B. Just. Burn's Justice.
B. N. C. Brooke's New Cases.
B. P. C. or Bro. Parl. CaJ. Brown's Parliamentry Cases.
B. & P. or Bos. & Pull. Bosanquet & Puller's Reports.
B. R. or K. B. King's Bench.
B. Tr. Bishop's Trial.
Bab. on Auct.
Babington on the Law of Auctions.
Bab. Set off. Babington on Set off and mutual credit.
Bac. Abr. Bacon's Abridgement.
Bac. Comp. Arb. Bacon's (M.) Complete Arbitrator.
Bac. El. Bacon's Elements of the Common Law.
Bac. Gov.
Bacon on Government.
Bac. Law Tr. Bacon's Law Tracts
Bac. Leas. Bacon (M.) on Leases and Term of Years.
Bac. Lib Reg. Bacon's John) Liber Regis, vel Thesaurus Rerum Eccleslasticarum.
Bac. Uses Bacon's Reading on the Statute of Uses. This is printed in his Law Tracts.
Bach. Man. Bache's Manual of a Pennsylvania Justice of the Peace
Bail. R. Bailey's Report.
Bain. on M.&M. Bainbridge on Mines and Minerals.
Baldwin. R. Baldwin's Circuit Court Reports.
Ball & Beat. Ball and Beatty's Reports.
Ballan. Lim. Ballantine on Limitations.
Banc. Sup. Upper Bench.
Barb. Eq. Dig. Barbour's Equity Digest.
Barb. Cr. Pl. Barbour's Criminal Pleadings.
Bar~b. Pract. in Ch.
Barbour's Treatise on the Practice of the Court of Chancery.
Barb. R.
Barbour's Chancery Reports.
Barb. Grot. Grotius on War and Peace, with notes by Barbeyrac.
Barb. Puff. Puffendorf's Law of Nature and Nations, with notes by M. Barbeyrac.
Barb. on Set off. Barbour on the Law of Set off, with an appendix of Precedents.
Barn. C. Barnardiston's Chancery Reports.
Barn. Barnardiston's K. B. Reports.
Barn. & Ald. Barnewall & Alderon'~s Reports.
Barn. & Adolph. Barnewall & Adolphu's Reports.
Barn. & Cress. Barnewull & Cresswell's Reports.
Barn. Sher. Barnes' Sheriff.
Barne' Notes of Practice.
Barr. Obs. Stat. Barrington's Observations on the more ancient statutes.
Barr. Ten. Barry's Tenure.
Bart. El. Conv. Barton's Element of Conveyancing. Bart. Prec. Conv.
Barton's Precedent of Conveyancing. Bart. S. Eq. Barton's Suit in Equity.
Batty's R. Batty's Reports of Cases determined in the K. B. Ireland.
Bay's R. Bay's Reprts.
Bayl. Bills. Bayley on Bills.
Bayl. Ch. Pr. Bayley's Chamber Practice.
Beam. Ne Exeat. Brief view of the writ of Ne Exeat Regno, as a equiable  process, by J. Beams.
Beam.. Eq. Beames on Equity Pleading.
Beam. Ord. Chan. Beames' General Orders of the High Court of Chancery, from 1600 to 
Beat. R. Beatty's Reports determined in the High Court of Chancery In Ireland.
Beav. R. Beavan's Chancery Reports.
Beawes. Beawe's Lex Mercatoria.
Beck's Med. Jur. Beck's Medical Jurisprudence.
Bee's R. Bee's Reports.
Bell's Com. Bell's Commentaries on the Laws of Scotland, and on the Principles of 
    Mercantile Jurisprudence.
Bell. Del. U. L. Beller's Delineation of Universal Law.
Bell's Dict. Dictionary of the Law of Scotland By Robert Bell
Bell's Med. Jur Bell's Medical Jurisprudence.
Bell. Bellewe's Cases in the time of K. Richard II. Bellewe's Cases in the time of Henry 
    VIII, Edw VI., and Q. Mary, collected out of Brooke's Abridgment, and arranged 
    under years, with a table, are cited as Brooke's New Cases.
Bellingh. Tr. Bellingham's Trial.
Belt's Sup. Belt's Supplement. Supplement to the Reports in Chancery of Francis Vesey, 
    Senior, Esq, during the time of Lord Ch J. Hardwicke.
Belt's Ves. sen. Belt's editon of Vesey senior's Reports.
Benloe & Dalison's Reports. See New Benl.
Ben. on Av. Benecke on Average.
Benn. Diss. Bennet's Short Dissertation on the nature and various proceedings in the 
    Master's Office, in the Court of Chancery. Sometimes this book is called Benn. Pract.
Benn. Pract. See Benn. Diss.
Benth. Ev.
Bentham's Treatise on Judicial Evidence.
Best on Prc. Best's Treatise on Presumption of Law and Fact.
Bett's Adm. Pr. Bett's Admiralty Practice.
Bev. on Hom. Bevil on Homicide.
Bill. on Aw. Billing on the Law of Awards.
Bing. Bingham Bin. Inf; Bingham on Infancy. Bing on Judg.
Bingham on Judgments and Executions. Bing L.& T. Bingham on the Law of Landlord 
    and Tenant
Bing. R. Bing Bingham's Reports. Bin. N. C.
Bingham's New Cases.
Binn. Reports Of Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court. of Pennsylvania By Horace Binney
Bird on Conv. Bird on Conveyancing Bird L.& T. Bird on the Laws respecting  
    Landlords, Tenants and Lodgers. Bird's Sol. Pr Bird's Solution of Precedents of 
Biret, De l'Abs. Traite de l'Absence et de ses effects, par M. Biret
Bis. on Est. or Buss. on Life Est. Bissett on the Law of Estates for Life.
Biss. on Parn.
Bissett on Partnership.
Bl. Blounts Law Dictionary and Glossary
Bl. Comm.or Comm. Commentaries on the Laws of England by Sir Wllliam Blackstone.
Bl. Rep. Sir William Blackstone's Reports.
Bl. H. Henry
Blackstone's Report, sometimes cited H. Bl.
Black. L. T. Blackstone's Law Tracts
Blackb on Sales. Blackburn on the Effect of the Contract of Sales.
Blacb. on Sales. Blacburn on the Law of Sales.
Blackf. R.
Blackford's Reports.
Blak. Ch. Pr. Blake's Practice of the Court of Chancery of the State of  New York.
Blan. on Ann. Blaney on Life Annuities
Bland's Ch. R. Bland's Chancery Reports.
Blansh. Lim. Blanshard on Limitations.
Bligh. R. Bligh's Reports of Cases decided in the House of Lords.
Blount. Blount's Law Dictionary and Glossary.
Bo. R. Act. Booth on Real Actions.
Boh. Dec. Bohun's Declaration. Boh. Eng. L. Bohun's English Lawyer. Boh. Priv. Ion. Bohun's Privilegia Londini.
Boote. Boote's Ch. Pr. Boote's Chanccry Practice. Boote's S. L. Boote's Suit at Law.
Booth's R. A. Booth on Real Action.
Borth. L. L. Borthwick on the Law of Libel.
Bos. & Pull. Bosanquet and Puller's Reports. Vide B.& P.
Bosc. on Con. Boscowen on Convictions.
Bott. Bott's Poor Law.
Bouch Inst. Dr. Mar.
Boucher, Institution au Droit Maritime.
Boulay Paty Dr. Com. Cours de Droit Commercial Maritime, par P. S Boulay Paty.
Bousq. Dict. de Dr. Bousquet, Dictionnaire de Droit.
Bouv. L. D. Bouvier's Law Dictionary.
Bouv. Inst. Institutiones Theologicae Auctore J. Bouvier.
Bouv. Inst. Am. Law.
Bouvier's Institutes of American Law.
Bowl. on Lib. Bowles on Libels.
Br. or Brownl. Brownlow's Reports.
Br. or Br. Ab. Brooke's Abridgment.
Brady's History of the Succession of the Crown of England, &c.;Brac.
Bracton's Treatise on the Law and Customs of England.
Bra. Princ. Branche's Principia Legis et Aequitatis.
Brack. L. Misc. Brackenridge's Law
bradb. Bradby on Distresses.
Bradl. P. B. Bradley's Point
Bran. Prin. or Bran. Max. Branch's Principia Legis Aequitatis, being an alphabetical 
    collection of maxims, &c. 
Brayt. R. Brayton's Rport.
Breese's R. Breese's Report
Brev. Sel. Brevia Selecta, or Choice Writs.
Brid. Bridgman's Reports Reports from 12 to 19 K James. By Sir John
Brid. Dig. Ind. Bridgman's Digested Index.
Brid. Leg. Bib.
Bridgman's Legal Bibliography.
Brid. Conv. Bridgman's Precedents of Conveyancing. 
Brid. Refl. Bridgman's Reflections on the Study of the Law.
Brid. Synth. Bridgeman's Synthesis.
Brid. Thes. Jur. Bridgman's Thesaurus Juridic.
Bridg. O. Orlando Bridgmen's Reports.
Bridg. The. Jru. Bridgman's Thesaurus Juridicus.
Britton. Treatise on the Ancient Pleas of the Crown.
Bro. or Brownl. Brownlow's Reports. Also, Reports by Richard Brownlow and John 
     Goldeshorough. Cited 1 Bro. 2 Bro.
Bro. Ab. Brooke's Abridgement.
Bro. A. & C. L. Brown's Admiralty and Civil Law.
Bro. C. C. Brown's Chancery Cases.
Bro. Off. Not. A Treatise on the Office and Practice of a Notary in England, as connected 
    with Mercantile Instruments, &c. By Richard
Bro. P. C. Brown's Parliamentary Cases.
Bro. Read. Brooke's Reading on the Statute of Limitations.
Bro. on Sales. Brown on Sales
Bro. V.M.
Brown's Vade Mecum.
Brock. R. Brockenbrough's Reports of Chief Justice Marshall's Decisions.
Brod. & Bing. Broderip & Bingham's Reports.
Broom on Part. Broom on Parties to Actions.
Brownl. Rediv. or Brownl. Ent. Brownlow Redivivus.
Bruce M. L. Bruce's Military Law.
Buck's Ca. Buck's Cases. Cases in Bankruptcy in 1817, 1818, by J.W. Buck.
Bull. Bull. N.P. Buller's Nisi Prius.
Bulst. Bulstrode's Reports.
Bunb. Bunbury's Reports.
Burge Col. Law.
Burge's Colonial Law.
Burge Confl. of Law. Burge on the Conflict of Laws.
Burge on Sur. Burge's Commentaries on the Law of Suretyship. &c.;Burge For. Law. Burge on Foreign Law.
Burlam. Burlamaqui's Natural and Political Law.
Burn's L.D. Burn's Law Dictionary.
Burn's Just. Burn's Justice of the Peace.
Burn's Eccl. Law or Burn's E.L. Burn's Ecclesiastical Law.
Burn. C.L. Burnett's Treatise on the Criminal Law of Scotland.
Burn. Com. Burnett's Commentaries on the Criminal Law of Scotland.
Burr. Burrow's Reports.
Burr. Sett. Cas. Burrow's Settlement Cases.
Burr's Tr. Burr's Trial.
Burt. Man. Burton's Manual of the Law of Scotland. The work is in two parts, one 
     relating to "public law," and the other to the law of "private rights and obligations." 
     The former is cited Burt. Man. P.L.; the latter, Burt. Man. Pr. Burt. on Real Prop. 
     Burton on Real Property. Butl. Hor. Jur. Butler's Horae Juridicae Subsecivae.
C. Codes, the Code of Justinian. C. Code. C. Chancellor.
C.& A. Cooke and Alcock's Reports.
C.B. Communi Banco, or Common Bench.
C.C. Circuit Court.
C.C. Cepi Corpus. 
C.C.& B.B. Cepi Corpus and Bail Bond.
C.C. or Ch. Cas. Cases in Chancery in three parts.
C.C.C. or Cr. Cir. Com. Crown Circuit Companion.
C.C.& C. Cepi corpus et committitur. See Capias ad satisfaciendum, in the body of the 
C.C.E. or Cain. Cas. Caines' Cases in Error.
C.D. or
Com. Dig. Comyn's Digest.
C.& D. C. C. Crawford and Dix's Criminal Cases.
C.& D. Ab. C. Crawford and Dix's Abridged Cases.
C.& F. Clark & Findley's Reports.
C.& F. Clarke & Finelly's Reports.
C. J. Chief Justice.
C.& J. Crompton & Jervis' Exchequer Reports. 
C.J.C.P. Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.
C.J.K.B. Chief Justice of the King's Bench.
C.J.Q.B. Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.
C.J.U.B. Chief Justice
of the Upper Bench. During the time of the common-wealth, the English
Court of the King's Bench was called the Upper Bench.
C.& K. Carrington & Kirwan's Reports. 
C.& M. Crompton & Meeson's Reports.
C.& M. Carrington & Marshman's Reports.
C.M.& R. Crompton, Meeson & Roscoe's Exchequer Reports.
C.N.P.C. Campbell's Nisi Prius Cases.
C. P. Common Pleas.
Coop. C.P. Cooper's Reports.
C.& P. or Car.& Payn. Carrington & Payne's Reports.
C.& P. Craig & Phillips' Reports.
C.R. or Ch. Rep. Chancery Reports.
C.& R. Cockburn & Rowe's Reports.
C.W. Dudl. Eq. C.W. Dudley'sEquity Reports.
C. Theod. Codice Theodosiano, in the Theodosian code.
Case or placitum.
Ca. T.K. Select Cases tempore King.
Ca. T. Talb. Cases tempore Talbot.
Ca. res. Capias ad respondendum.
Ca. sa., in practice, is the abbreviation of capias ad satisfaciendum.
Caines' R. Caines' Term Reports.
Caines' Cas. Caines' Cases, in error.
Caines' Pr. Caines' Practice.
Cald. R. Caldecott's Reports.
Cald. S.C. Caldecott's Settlement
Cases; sometimes cited Cald. R.
Caldw. Arbit. Caldwell on Arbitration.
Call. on Sew. Callis on the Law relating to Sewers.
Call's R.
Call's REports.
Calth. R. Calthorp's Reports of Special Cases touching several customs and liberties of the City of London.
Calv. on Part.
Calvert on Parties to Suits in Equity.
Cam.& Norw. Cameron & Norwood's Reports.
Campb. Campbell's Reports.
Can. Canon.
Cap. Capitulo,
Car. Carolus: as 13 Car. 2, st. 2, c.1.
Carr. Cr. L. Carrington's
Criminal Law.
Carr.& Kirw. Carrington & Kriwan's Reports. See C.& K.
Carr.& Marsh. Carrington & Marshman's Reports.
Carr.& Oliv. R. and C.C. Carrow & Oliver's Railway and Canal Cases.
Cart. Carter's Reports. Reports in C.P. in 16, 17, 18, and 19, Charles II.
Cara de For. Carta de Foresta.
Carthew's Reports.
Cary. Cary's Reports.
Cary on Partn. Cary on the Law of Partnership.
Cas. of App. Cases of Appeals to the House of Lords.
Cas. L. Eq. Cases and Opinions in Law, Equity, and Conveyancing.
Cas. of Pr. Cases of Practice in the Court of the King's Bench, from the reign of Eliz. to 
    the 14 Geo. 3.
Cas. of Sett. Cases of Settlement.
Cas. Temp. Hardw. Cases during the time of Lord Hardwicke.
Cas. Temp. Talb. Cases during the time of Lord Talbot.
Ch. Chancellor.
Ch. CAs. Cases in Chancery.
Ch. Pr. Precedents in Chancery.
Ch. R. REports in Chancery.
Ch. Rep. Vide Ch.
Chamb. on Jur. of Chan. Chambers on the Jurisdiction of the High
Court of Chancery, over the Persons and Property of Infants.
Chamb. L.& T. Chambers on the Law of Landlord and Tenant.
Char. Merc. Charta mercatoria. See Bac. Ab. Smuggling, C.
Charlt. Charlton. T.U.P. Charl.
T.U.P. Charlton's Reports. R.M. Charlton's Reports.
Chase's Tr. Chase's Trial.
Cher. Cas. Cherokee Case.
Chev. C.C. Cheves' Chancery Cases.
Chipm. R. Chipman's Reports. D. Chipm. D. Chipman's Reports.
Chipm. Contr. Essay on the Law of Contracts for the payment of Specific Articles. By Daniel
Ch. Contr. A Practical Treatise on the Law of Contracts. By Joseph
Chitty, Jr.
Chitty. on App. Chitty's Practical Treatise on the Law relating to Apprentices and 
Chit. on Bills. Chitty on Bills.
Chit. Jr. on Bills. Chitty, junior, on Bills.
Chit. Com. L. Chitty's Treatise on Commerical Law.
Chit. Cr. L. Chitty's Criminal Law.
Chit. on Des. Chitty on the Law of Descents.
Chit. F. Chitt's Forms and Practical Proceedings.
Chit. Med. Jur. Chitty on Medical Jurisprudence.
Chitty's Reports.
Chit. Pl. A Practical Treatise on Pleading, by Joseph
Chit. Pr. Chitty's General Practice.
Chit. Prerog. Chitty on the Law of the Prerogatives of the Crown.
Chris. B.L. Christian's Bankrupt Laws.
Christ. Med. Jur. Christison's Treatise on Poisons, relating to Medical Jurisprudence, 
     Physiology, and the Practice of Physic.
Civ. Code Lo. Civil Code of Louisiana.
Cl. The Clementines.
Cl. Ass.
Clerk's Assistant.
Clan. H.& W. Clancy on the Rights, Duties, and Liabilities of Husband and Wife.
Clark on Leas. Clark's Enquiry into the Nature of Leases.
Clarke, R. Clarke's Reports.
Clark & Fin. Clark & Finelly's Reports.
Clark. Adm. Pr. Clarke's Practice in the Admiralty.
Clark. Prax. Clarke's Praxis, being the manner of proceeding in the  Ecclesiastical Courts.
Clay. Clayton's Reports. 
Cleir. Us et Const.
Cleirac, Us et Coustumes ae la Mer.
Clerke's Rud. Clerke's Rudiments of American Law and Practice.
Clift. Clift's Entries.
Co. A particle used before other words to imply that the person spoken of possesses the 
     same character as other persons whose character is mentioned, as co-executor, and 
     executor with other; co-heir, an heir with others; co-partner, a partner with others, 
     etc.  –  Co. is also an abbreviation for "company" as John Smith & Co. When so 
     abbreviated is also represents "county."
Coke's Reports.
Co. or Co. Rep. Coke's Reports.
Co. Ent. Coke's Entries.
Co. B. L. Cooke's Bankrupt Law.
Co. on Courts. Coke on Courts; 4th Institute. See Inst.
Co. Litt. Coke on Littleton. See Inst.
Co. M. C.
Coke's Magna Charta; 2d Institute. See. Inst.
Co. P. C. Coke's Pleas of the
Crown. See Inst.
Cock & Rowe. Cockburn & Rowe's Reports.
Code Civ. Code
Civil, or Civil Code of France. This work is usually cited by the article.
Code Nap. Code Napoleaon. The same as Code Civil.
Code Com. Code de Commerce.
Code Pen. Code Penal.
Code Pro. Code de Procedure.
Column, in the first or second column of the book quoted.
Col.& Cai. CAs.
Coleman & Caines' Cases.
Cole on Inf. Cole on Criminal Informations, and Informations in the Nature of  Quo 
Coll. on Pat. Collier on the Law of Patents.
Coll. on Idiots. Collinson on the Law concerning Idiots, &c.;Coll. Rep. Colle's Reports.
Coll. Collation.
Colly. Rep. Collyer's Reports.
Com. Communes, or Extravagantes Communes.
Com. or Com. Rep.
Comyn's Reports.
Com. Contr. Comyn on Contract.
Com. on Us. Comyn on Usury.
Com. Dig. Comyn's Digest. 
Com. L.& T. Comyn on the Law of Landlord and Tenant.
Com. Law. Commerical Law.
Com. Law. Rep. Common Law Reports, edited by Sergeant and Lowher.
Comb. Comberbach's Reports.
Comm. Blackstone's Commentaries.
Con. & Law. Connor & Lawson's Reports.
Cond. Ch. R. Condensed Chancery Reports.
Cond. Ex. R. CondensedExchequer Reports.
Conf. Chart. Confirmatio Chartorum.
Conkl. Pr. Conkling's Practice of the Courts of the United States.
Conn. R. Connecticut Reports.
Conr. Cust. R. Contoy's Custodiam Reports.
Cons. del Mar. Consolato del Mare.
Cons. Ct. R. Constitutional
Court REports.
Cont. Contra.
Cooke on Defam. Cooke on Defamation.
Coop. Eq. R. Cooper's Equity Reports.
Coop. Cas. Cases in the High Court of Chancery. By George Cooper.
Coop. on Lib. Cooper on the Law of Libels.
Coop. Eq. Pl.
Cooper's Equity Pleading.
Coop. Just. Cooper's Justinian's Institutes.
Coop. Med. Jur. Cooper's Medical Jurisprudence.
Coop. t. Brough. Cooper's Cases in the time of Brougham.
Coop. P.P. Cooper's Points of Practice.
Cote. Mrtg. Coote on Mortgages.
Corb. & Dan. Corbet & Daniel's Election Cases.
Corn. on Uses. Cornish on Uses.
Corn. on REm. Cornish on Remainders.
Corp. Jur. Civ. Corpus Juris Civilus.
Corp. Jur. Can. Corpus Juris Canonicus.
Corvin. Corvinus. See Bac. Ab. Mortgage A, where this author is cited.
Cot. Abr. Cotton's Abridgement of Records.
Cov. on Conv. Evi. Coventry on Conveyancers' Evidence.
Cow. Int. Cowel's Law Dictionary, or the Interpreter of words and terms, used either in 
    the common or statute laws of Great Britain.
Cowp. Cowper's Reports.
Cow. R. Cowen's Reports, N.Y.
Cox's Cas. Cox's Cases.
Coxe's R. Coxe's Reports.
C.L. Crabb's Common Law. A History of English Law. By George Crabb.
Crabb, R. P. Crabb on the Law of REal Property.
Craig & Phil. Craig & Phillip'sReports.
Cranch, R. Cranch's Reports.
Cressw. R. Cresswell's Reports of
Cases decided in the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors.
Con. Criminal Conversation: adultery.
Cro. Croke's Reports. 
Cro. Eliz.
Croke's Reports, during the time of Queen Elizabeth, also cited as 1 Cro.
Cro. jac. Croke's Reports during the time of King James I., also cited as 2 Cro. 
Cro. Car. Croke's Reports, during the time of Charles I., also cited as 3 Cro.
Crompt. Ex. Rep. Crompton's Exchequer Reports.
Crompt. J.C. Crompton's Jurisdiction of Courts.
Crompt. & Mees.
Crompton & Meeson's Exchequer Reports.
Crompt. Mees. & Rosc. Crompton, Meeson, and Roscoe's Exchequer Reports.
Cross on Liens. Cross' Treatise on\ the Law of Liens and Stoppage in Transitu.
Cru. Dig. or Cruise's Dig.
Cruise's Digest of the Law of Real Property.
Cul. Culpablilis, guilty; non
cul. not guilty; a plea entered in actions of trespass.
Cul. prit., commonly written culprit; cul., as above mentioned, means 
    culpabilis, or culpable; and prit, which is a corruption of pret, signifie ready. 1
Chitty Cr. Law. 416.
Cull. Bankr. L. Cullen's Principles ofhte Bankrupt Law.
Cun. Cunningham's Reports.
Cunn. Dict. Cunningham's Dictionary.
Cur. adv. vult. Curia advisare vult. Vide Ampliation.
Cur. Scacc. Cursus Scaccarii, the Court of the Star Chamber.
Cur. Phil. Curia Philipica.
Can. Cursus Cancellariae.
Curt. R. Curteis' Ecclesiastical Reports.
Curt. Am. Sea. Curtis on American Seamen.
Curt. on Copyr. Curtis on
Cush. Trust. Pr. Cushing on Trustee Process, or Foreign Attachment, of the Laws of 
    Massachusetts and Maine.
Cust. de Norm.
Custome de Normandie.
D. dialogue; as, Dr. and Stud. D. 2, c. 24, or Doctor and Student, dialogue 2, chapter 24.
D. dictum; D. Digest of Justinian.
D. The Digest or Pandects of the Civil Law, is sometimes cited thus,
D. C. District Court; District of Columbia.
D. C. L. Doctor of the Civil Law.
D. Chipm. R. D. Chipman's Reports.
D. S. B. Debit sans breve.
D. S. Deputy Sheriff.
D.& C. Dow and Clark's Reports.
D.& C. Deacon & Chitty's Reports.
D.& E. Durnford & East's Reports. This book is also cited as Term Reports, abbreviated 
   as T.R.
D.& L. Danson & Lloyd's Mercantile Cases.
D.& M. Davidson's & Merivale's Reports.
D.& R. Dowling and Ryland's Reports.
D.& R. N. P. C. Dowling and Ryland's Reports of Cases decided at Nisis Prius.
D.& S. Doctor and Student.
D.& W. Drury & Walsh's Reports.
D;Aguesseau, Oeuvres. Oeuvres completes du Chancellier
Dat. Cr. L. Dagge's Criminal Law.
Dal. Dalison's Reports. See Benl.
Dall. Dallas' Reports.
Dall. Dallas' Laws of Pennsylvania.
Dict. Dictionaire General et raisonne de legilation, de Doctrine, et de Jurisprudence, en 
     matiere civile, commerciale, criminelle, administrative, et de Droit Public. Par Armand Dalloz, jeune.
Dalr. Feud. Pr.
Dalrymple's Essay, or History of Feudal Property in Great Britain. Sometimes cited Dalr. 
Dalr. on Ent. Dalrymple on the Polity of Entails.
Dalr. F. L. Dalrymple's Feudal law.
Dalt. Just. Dalton's Justice.
Dalt. Sh. Dalton's Sheriff.
D'Anv. D'Anvers' Abridgement.
Dan. Ch. Pr. Caniell's Chancery Practice.
Dan. Ord. Danish Ordinances.
Dan. Rep.
Daniell's Reports. 
Dan.& Ll. Danson & Lloyd's Reports.
Dana's R. Dana's Reports.
Dane's Ab. Dane's Abridgment of American Law.
Dav. Davies' Reports.
Dav. on Pat. Davies' Collection of Cases respecting patents.
Daw. Land. Pr. Dawe's Epitome of the Law of Landed Property.
Daw. Real Pr.
Dawe's Introduction to the Knowledge of the Law on Real Estates.
Daw. on Arr. Dawe's Commentaries on the Law of Arrest in Civil Cases.
Daws. Or. Leg. Dawson's Origo Legum.
Deac. R. Deacon's Reports. Deac.& Chit. Deacon & Chitty's Reports.
Deb. on Jud. Debates on the Judiciary.
Dec. temp. H.& M.
Decisions in Admiralty duringthe time of Hay & Marriott.
De Gex & SM. R. De Gex & Smale's Reports.
Den. Cr. Cas.
Denison's Crown Cases.
Den. Rep. Denio's New York Reports.
Desaus. R.
Desaussure's Chancery Reports.
Dev. R. Devereux's Reports.
Dev. Ch. R.
Devereux's Chancery Reports.
Dev.& Bat. Devereux & Battle's Reports.
Di. or
Dy. Dyer's Reports.
Dial. de Scac. Dialogus de Scaccario.
Dick. Just.
Dickinson's Justice.
Dick. Pr. Dickinson's Practice of the Quarter of and other Sessions.
Dick. Dicken's Reports.
Dict. Dictionary.
Dict. Dr. Can.
Dictionnaire de Driot Canonique.
Dict. de' Jur. Dictionnaire de Jurisprudence.
Dig. Digest of writs. Dig. The Pandects or Digest of the Civil Law, cited as Dig. 1,2,5,6, 
    for Digest, book 1, 2, law 5, sections 6.
Disn. on Gam. Disney's Law of Gaming.
Doct. & Stud. Doctor and Student.
Doct. Pl. Doctrina Placitandi.
Doder. Eng. Law. Doderidge's English Lawyer.
Dods. R. Dodson's Reports.
Dom. Domat, Lois Civilles.
Proc. Domo Procerum. In the House of Lords.
Domat. Lois Civilles dans leur ordre naturel. Par M. Domat.
Dougl. Douglas' Reports.
Doug. El. Cas.
Dougls' Election Cases.
Dougl. (Mich.) R. Dougls' Michigan Reports.
Dow. or
Dow. P.C. Dow's Parliamentary Cases.
Dow & Clarke, Dow and Clarke's Reports of Cases in the House of Lords.
Dowl. P. C. Dowling's Practical Cases.
Dow.& R. N. P. Dowling and Ryan's Nisi Prius Cases.
Dow.& Ry. M.C.
Dowling & Ryan's Cases for Magistrates.
Dow.& Ry. Dowling and Ryland's Reports.
Dr.& St. Doctor and Student.
Drew. on Inj. Drewry on Injunctions.
Dru.& Wal. Drury and Walsh's Reports. 
Dru.& War. Drury &Warren's Reports.
Dub. Dubitatur.
Dudl. R. Dudley's Law and Equity Reports.
Dug. S. or Dugd. Sum. Dugdale's Summons.
Dugd. Orig. Dugdale's Origines.
Dug. Sum. Dugdale's Summonses
Duke. or Duke's Ch. Uses. Duke's Law of Charitable Uses.
Dunl. Pr. Dunlap's Practice.
Dunl. Admr. Pr.
Dunlap's Admiralty Practice.
Duponc. on Jur. Duponceau on Jurisdictions.
Duponc. Const. Duponceau on the Constitution.
Dur. Dr. FR.
Duranton, Droit Francais.
Durnf.& East. Durnford & East's Reports, also cited D.& E. or T.R.
Duv. Dr. Civ. Fr. Duvergier, Droit Civil Francais. This is a continuation of Touiller's Droit 
   Civil Francais. The first volume of Duvergier is the sixteenth volume of the 
   continuation. The work is sometimes cited 16 Toull. or 16 Toullier, instead of being 
   cited 1
Duv. or 1 Duvergier, etc.
Dwar. on Stat. Dwarris on Statutes.
Dy. Dyer's Reports. 
E. Easter Term.
E. Edward; as 9 E. 3, c. 9.
E. of Cov. Earl of Coventry's Case.
E.C.L.R. English Common Law Reports, sometimes cited Eng. Com. Law Rep. (q.v.)
E.g., usually written e.g., exempli gratia; for the sake of an instance or example.
E.P.C. or East, P.C. East's Pleas of the Crown.
East, P.C. East's Pleas of the Crown.
Eccl. Ecclesiastical.
Eccl. Law. Ecclesiastical Law.
Eccl. Rep. Ecclesiastical Reports. Vide Eng. Eccl. Rep.
Ed. or Edit. Edition.
Ed. Edward; as, 3 Ed. 1, c. 9.
Ed. Inj. Eden on Injunction.
Ed. Eq. Reps. Eden's Equity Reports.
Ed. Prin. Pen. Law. Eden's Principles of Penal Law.
Edm. Exch. Pr. Edmund's Exchequer Practice.
Edw. Ad. Rep. Edward's Admiralty Reports.
Edw. Lead. Dec. Edward's Leading Decisions.
Edw. on Part. Edward's on Parties to Bills in Chancery.
Edw. on Rec. Edwards on Receivers in Chancery.
Eliz. Elizabeth; as, 13 Eliz. c.15.
Ellis on D. and Cr. Ellis on the Law relating to Debtor and Creditor.
Elm on Dil. Elmes on Ecclesiastical and Civil Dilapidations.
Elsyn on Parl. Elsynge on Parliaments.
Encycl. Encycloaedia, or Encyclopedie.
Eng. English.
Eng. Ch. R. English Chancery Reports. Vide Cond. Ch. R. (See App. A.)
Eng. Com. Law Rep. English Common Law Reports.
Eng. Ecc. R. English Ecclisiastical Reports.
Eng. Plead. English Pleader.
Engl. Rep. English's Arkansas Reports.
Eod. Eodem, under the same title.
Eod. tit. In the same title.
Eq. Ca. Ab. Equity Cases Abridged.
Eq. Draft. Equity Draftsman. 
Ersk. Inst. Erskin'e Institute of the Law of Scotland. 
Ersk. Prin. of Laws of Scotl. Erskine's Principles of the Laws of Scotland.
Esp. N.P. Espinasse's Nisi Prius.
Esp. N. P. R. Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports.
Esp. on Ev. Espinasse on Evidence.
Esp. on Pen. Ev.
Espinasse on Penal Evidence.
Esq. Esquire.
Et. al. Et alii, and others.
Eunom. Eunomus.
Ev. Col. Stat. Evan's Collection of Statutes.
Ev. on Pl. Evans on Pleading.
Ev. Tr. Evans' Trial.
Ex. or Exor. Executor.
Execx. Executrix.
Exch. Rep. Exchequer Reports. Vide Cond. Exch. REp.
Exec. Execution. Exp. Expired.
Exton's Mar. Divaeo. Exton's Maritime Dicaeologie.
Extrav. Extravagants.
F. Finalis, the last or latter part.
Fitzherbert's Abridgment.
F.& F. Falconer & Fitzherbert's Reports. 
F. R.
Forum Romanum.
F.& S. Fox & Smith's Reports.
F. N. B. Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium.
Fairf. R. Fairfield's Reports.
Fac. Coll. Faculty Collection; the name of a set of Scotch Reports.
Falc. & Fitzh. Falconer & Fitzherbert's Election Cases.
Far. Farresly, (7 Mod. REp.) is sometimes so cited.
Farr's Med. Jur. Farr's Elements of Medical Jurisprudence.
Fearn. on Rem. Fearne on Remainders.
Fell. on Mer. Guar. Fell on Mercantile Guaranties.
Ferg. on M.& D. Ferfusson on Marriage and Divorce.
Ferg. R. Fergusson's Reports of the Consistorial Court of Scotland.
Ff. or ff. Pandects of Justinian: a careless way of writing the Greek ì.
Ferr. Hist. Civ. L. Ferriere's History of the Civil Law.
Ferr. Mod. Ferriere Moderne, on Nouveau Dictionnaire des Termes de Droit et de 
Fess. on Pat. Fessenden on Patents. 
fa. Fieri Facias.
Field's Com. Law. Field on the Common Law of England.
Field. on Penl Laws. Fielding on Penal Laws. 
Finch. Finch's Law; or a Discourse thereof, in five books. 
Finch's Pr. Finch's Precedents inChancery.
Finl. L. C. Finlayson's Leading Cases on Pleading.
Fish. Copyh.
Fisher on Copyholds.
Fitz. C. Fitzgibbon's Cases.
Fitzh. Fitzherbert's Abridgment
Fitzh. Nat. Bre. Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium.
Fl. or Fleta. ACommentary on the English Law, written by an anonymous author, in the 
     time of Edward I., while a prisoner in the Fleet.
Fletch. on Trusts.
Fletcher on the Estates of Trustees.
Floy. Proct. Pr. Floyer's Proctor's
Fol. Foley's Poor Laws. 
Fol. Folio.
Fonb. Fonblanque on Equity.
Fonb. Med. Jur. Fonblanque on Medical Jurisprudence.
Forr. Forrester's
Cases during the time of Lord Talbot, commonly cited Cas. Temp.Talb.
For. Pla. Brown's Formulae Placitandi.
Forb. on Bills. Forbes on
Bills of Exchange.
Forb. Inst. Forbes' Institutes of the Law of Scotland.
Forr. Exch. Rep. Forrest's Exchequer Reports.
Fors. on Comp.
Forsyth on the Law relating to Composition with Creditors.
Fortescue, De Laudibus Legum Angliae. 
Fortesc. R. Fortescue's Reports, temp. Wm. and Anne.
Fost. or Fost. C.L. Foster's Crown Law.
Fox.& Sm. Fox & Smith's Reports. 
Fr. Fragmentum.
Fra. or Fra. Max. Francis' Maxims.
Fr. Ord. French Ordinance. Sometimes cited Ord. de la Mar.
Fras. Elect. Cas.
Fraser's Election Cases.
Fred. Co. Frederician Code.
Freem. Freeman's Reports. 
Freem. C. C. Freeman's Cases in Chancery.
Freem. (Mis.) R.
Freeman's Reports of Cases decided by the Superior Court of Chancery of Mississippi.
G. George; as, 13 G. 1, c. 29.
G. & J. Glyn & Jameson's Reports.
G. & J. Gill & Johnson's Reports.
G. M. Dudl. Repo. G. M. Dudley's Reports.
Gale & Dav. Gale & Davidson's Reports.
Gale's Stat. Gale's Statutes of Illinois.
Gall. or Gall. Rep. Gallison's Reports.
Garde on Ev.
Garde's Practical Treatise onthe General Principles and Elementary Rules of the Law of 
Geo. George; as, 13 Geo. 1, c. 29.
Geo. Dec.
Georgia Decisions.
Geo. Lib. George on the Offence of Libel.
Gib. on D.& N.
Gibbons on the Law of Dilapidations and Nuisances.
Gibs. Codex. Gibson's Codex Juris Civilis.
Gilb. R. Gilbert's Reports.
Gilb. Ev. Gilbert's Evidence.
Gilb. U. & T. Gilbert on Uses and Trusts.
Gilb. Ten. Gilbert on Tenures.
Gilb. on Rents. Gilbert on Rents.
Gilb. on Rep. Gilbert on Replevin. 
Gilb. Ex. Gilbert on Executions.
Gilb. Exch. Gilbert's Exchequer.
Gilb. For. Rom. Gilbert's Forum Romanum. 
Gilb. K. B. Gilbert's King's Bench.
Gilb. Rem. Gilbert on REmainders.
Gilb. on Dev. Gilbert on Devises.
Gilb. Lex. praet. Gilbert's Lex Praetoria.
Gill & John. Gill & Johnson's Reports.
Gill's R. Gill's Reports.
Gilm. R. Gilmer's Reports.
Gilp. R. Gilpin's Circuit Court Reports.
Gl. Glossa, the
Glanv. Glanville's Treatise of the Laws and Customs of England.
Glassff. Ev. Glassford on Evidence.
Glov. Mun. Corp. Glover on Municipal Corporations, or Glov. on Corp. Glover on the 
     Law of Municipal Corporations.
Glyn. & Jam. Glyn & Jameson's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy.
Godb. Godbolt's Reports.
Godolph. Ad. Jr. Godolphin's View of the Admiralty Jurisdiction.
Godolph. Rep. Can. Godolphin's Repertorium Canonicum.
Godolph. Godolphin's Orphan's Legacy.
Gods. on Pat. Godson's Treatise on the Law of Patents.
Goldesh. Goldeshorought's Reports.
Goldshorough's Reports.
Gord. on Dec. Gordon on the Law of Decedents in Pennsylvania.
Gould on Pl. Gould on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions.
Gow on Part. Gow on Partnership.
Grah. Pr. Graham's Practice.
Grah. N.T. Graham on New Trials.
Grand. Cout. Grand Coutumier de Normandie, (q.v.)
Grady on Fixt. Grady on the law of Fixtures.
Grant on New. Tr. Grant on New Trials.
Grant's Ch. Pr. Grant's Chancery Practice.
Gratt. R. Grattan's Virginia Reports.
Green's B.L. Green's Bankrupt Laws.
Green's R. Green's Reports.
Greenl. on Ev. Greenleaf's
Treatise on the Law of Evidence.
Greenl. Ov. Cas. Greenleaf's Overruled Cases.
Greenl. R. Greenleaf's Reports.
Greenw on Courts. Greenwood on Courts.
Gres. Eq. Ev. Gresley's Equity Evidence.
Grif. REg. Griffith's Law Register.
Grimk. on Ex. Grimke on the Duty of Executors and Administrators.
Grisw. Rep. Griswold's Reports.
Grot. Grotius de Jure Belli.
Gude's Pr. Gude's Practice on the Crown side of King's Bench, &c.;Gwill. Gwillim's Tithe Cases.
H. Henry; as, 18 H. 7, c. 15.
H. Hilary Term.
H.A. Hoc Anno
H.v. commonly written in small letters h.v. hoc verbo.
H. of L. House of Lords.
H. of R. House of Representatives.
H.& B.
Hudson & Brooke's Reports.
H.& G. Harris & Gill's Reports.
H.& J. Harris & Johnson's Reports.
H. Bl. Henry Blackston'es Reports.
H. H. C. L. Hale's
History ofthe Common Law.
H.& M. Henning and munford's Reports.
H.& M'H. or
Harr. & M'Hen. Harris & M'Henry's Reports.
Hab. fa. seis. Habere facias seisinam.
H. P. C. Hales' Pleas of the Crown.
H.t. usually put in small letters, h.t. hoc titulo.
Hab. Corp. Habeas Corpus.
Hab. fa. pos. Habere facias possessionem.
Hagg. Ad. R. Haggard's Admiralty Reports.
Hagg. Ecc. R. Haggard's Ecclesiastical Reports.
Hagg. C. R. Haggard's Reports in the Consistory Court of London.
Hale, P.C. Hale's Pleas of the Crown.
Hale's Sum. Hale's Summary of Pleas.
Hale's Jur. J. L. Hale's Jursidiction of the
House of Lords.
Hale's Hist. C.L. Hale's History of the Common Law.
Halif. Civ. Law. Halifax's Analysis ofthe Civil Law.
Hall's R. Hall's Reports of Cases decided in the Superior Court of the city of New York.
Halk. dig.
Halkerton's digest of the Law of Scotland relating ot Marriage.
Hall's Adm. Pr. Hall's Admiralty Practice.
Halst. R. Halstead's Reports.
Hamm. N. P.
Hammond's Nisi Prius.
Ham. R. Hammond's (Ohio) Reports.
Hamm. on Part.
Hammond on Parties to Actions.
Hamm. Pl. Hammond's Analysis of the
Principles of Pleading.
Hamm. on F. II. Hammond on Fire Insurance.
Hansard's Entries.
Hand's ch. Pr. Hand's Chancery Practice.
Hand on Fines.
Hand on Fines and Recoveries.
hand's Cr. Pr. hand's Corwn Practice.
hand on Pat. hand on Patents. Hans. Parl. Bed. hansard's Parliamentary Debates.
hard. Hardress' Reports. 
Hardin's R. Hardin's Reports. 
Hare R.
Hare's Reports. 
Hare & Wall. Sel. Dec. Hare & Wallace's Select Decisions of American Cases, with 
Hare on Disc. Hare on the Discovery of Evidence by Bill and Answer in Equity.
Harg. Coll. Hargrave's Juridical Arguments and collection. 
Harg. St. Tr. Hargrave's State Trials.
Harg.Exer. Hargrave's Exercitations.
Harg. Law Tr. Hargrave's Law Tracts.
Harp. L. R. Harper's Law Reports.
Harp. Eq. R. Harper's Equity Reports.
Harr. Ch.
Harrison's Chancery Practice.
Harr. Cond. Lo. R. Harrison's condensed Report of Cases in Superior Court of the 
      Territory of Orleans, and in the Supreme Court of Louisiana.
Harr. Dig. Harrison's Digest.
harr. Ent.
Harris' Entries.
Harr. (Mich.) R. harrington's Reports of Cases in the Supreme Court of Michigan.
Harr. & Gill. Harris & Gill's Reports.
& John. Harris & Johnso's Reports.
Harr. & M'H. Harris & M'Henry's Reports.
Harringt. R. Harrington's Reports.
Hasl. Med. Jur. Haslam's
Medical Jurisprudence.
Hawk. P.C. Hawkins' Pleas of the Crown.
Hawk's R.
Hawk's Reports.
Hay on Est. An Elementary View of the Common Law of uses, Devises, and Trusts, with 
      reference to the Creation and Conveyance of Estates, by William Hayes.
Hay. on Lim. Hayes on Limitations.
Hay. Exch. R.
Hayes' Exchequer Reports.
Hays on R. P. Hays on REal Property.
Heath's Max.
Heath's Maxim's.
Hein. Elem. Juris. civ. Heineccii, Elementa juris Civilis,secundum ordinem Institutionum.
Hein. Elem. Juris. Nat. Heineccii, Elementa juris Naturae et gentium.
Hen on For. Law. Henry on Foreign Law.
Hen. J. P. Henning's Virginia Justice of the Peace.
hen. & Munf.
Henning & Munford's Reports.
Herne's Ch. Uses. Herne's law of Charitable Uses.
Herne's Plead. Herne's Pleader.
het. Hetley's Reports.
Heyw. on El.
Heywood on Elections. 
Heyw. *N.C.) R. Heywood's North Carolina Reports.
Heyw. (Tenn.) R. Heywood's Tennessee Reports.
High. Highmore.
High on Bail. Highmore on Bail. 
High. on Lun. Highmore on Lunacy. 
High. on Mortm. Highmore on Mortmain.
Hill. Ab. Hilliard's Abridgment of the Law of Real Property.
Hill's R. Hill's Reports.
Hill's Ch. R. Hill's Chancery Reports.
Hill on Trust. A Practical Treatise on the Law relating to Trustees, &c.;Hind's Pr. Hind's Practice.
Hob. Hobart's Reports.
Hodg. R.
Hodge's Reports.
Hodges on Railw. Hodges on the Law of Railways.
Hoffm. Outl. Hoffman's Outlines of Legal Studies.
Hoffm. Leg. St. Hoffman's Legal Studies.
Hoffm. Ch. Pr. Hoffman's Chancery Practice.
Hoffm. Mas. Ch.
Hoffman's master in Chancery.
Hoffm. R. Hoffman's Reports.
Hog. R. Hogan's Reports. 
Hog. St. Tr. Hogan's State Trials. 
Holt on Lib. Holt on the Law of Libels.
Holt on Nav. Holt on Navigation. 
Holt. R. Holt's Reports.
Holt on Sh. Holt on the Law of Shipping.
Hopk. R. Hopkins' Chancery Reports.
Hopk. Adm. Dec. Hopkinson's Admiralty Decisions.
Houard's Ang. Sax. Laws. Houard's Anglo Saxon laws and Ancient Laws of the French.
Houard's dict. Houard's Dictionary of the Customs of normandy.
Hough C. M. Hough on Courts Martial.
Hov. Fr. Hovenden on Frauds.
Hov. Supp. Hovenden's Supplement to Vesey Junior's Reports.
How. St. Tr. Howell's State Trials.
Howe's Pr. Howe's Practice in Civil Actions and Proceedings at Law in Massachusetts. 
How. Pr. R. Howard's Practice Reports.
Hub. on Suc. Hubback on Successions.
Huds. & Bro. Hudson & Brooke's Reports.
Hugh. Ab. Hughes' Abridgment.
Hugh. Entr. Hughes' Entries.
Hugh. on Wills. Hughes on Wills.
Hugh. R. Hughes' Reports.
Hugh. Or. Writs. Hughes' Comments upon Original Writs.
Hugh. Ins. Hughes on Insurance.
Hugh. on Wills. Hughes' Practical Directions for Taking Instructions for Drawing Wills.
Hull. on Costs. Hullock on the Law of Costs.
Hult. on Conv. Hulton on Convictions.
Humph. R. Humphrey's Reports. 
Hume's com. Hume's Commentaries on the Criminal Law of Scotland. Hut. Hutton's 
I. The Institutes of Justinian (q.v.) are sometimes cited, I.1, 3, 4.
I. Infra, beneath or below.
Ib. Ibidem.
Jurisconsultus. This abbreviation is usually written with an I, though it would be more 
    proper to write it with a J, the first letter of the word
Jurisconsultus; c is the initial letter of the third syllable, and tus is the end of the word.
    Id. Idem.
Il Cons. del Mar. Il Consolato del Mare. See Consolato del Mare, in the body of the work. 
Imp. Pr. C. P. Impey's Practice in the common Pleas. 
Imp. Pr. K. B. Impey's Practice in the King's Bench.
Imp. Pl. Impey's Modern Pleader. 
Imp. Sh. Impey's Office of Sheriff.
In f. In fine, at the end of the title, law, or paragraph quoted.
In pr. In principio, in the beginning and before the first paragraph of a law.
In princ. In principio. In the beginning .
In sum.
Insumma, in the summary.
Ind. Index.
Inf. Infra, beneath or below.
Ing. Dig. Ingersoll's Digest of the laws of the United States.
Ing. Roc.
Ingersoll's Roccus.
Ingr. on Insolv. Ingraham on Insolvency.
Ins. Insurance.
Inst. Coke on Littleton, is cited Co. Lit. or 1 Inst., for First Institute. Coke's magna 
     Charta, is cited Co. M.C. or 2 Inst., for Second Institute. Co. P. C. Coke's Pleas of 
     the Crown, is cited 3 Inst., for Third Institute. Co. on Courts. Coke on Courts, is 
     cited 4 Inst., for Fourth Institute.
Inst. Institutes. When the Institutes of Justinian are cited, the citation is made thus; Inst. 4, 
      2, 1; or
Inst. lib. 4, tit. 2, l. 1; to signify In stutues, book 4, tit. 2, law 1. Coke's Institutes are 
     cited, the first, either Col Lit. or 1 Inst., and the others 2 Inst., 3 Inst., and 4 Inst.
Inst. Cl. or Inst. Cler.
Instructor Clericalis.
Inst. Jur. Angl. Institutiones Juris Anglicani, by Doctor Cowell.
Introd. Introduction.
Ir. Eq. R. Irish Equity Reports.
Ir. T. R. Irish Term Reports. Sometimes cited Ridg. Irish. T. R. (q.v.)
J. institutes of Justinian.
J. C. Juris Consultus. 
J. C. P.
Justice ofthe common Pleas.
J. Glo. Juncta Glossa, the Gloss joined to the text quoted.
J. J. Justices.
J. J. Marsh. J.J. Marsha''s (Kentucky) Reports.
J. K. B. Justice of the King's Bench.
J. P. Justice of the Peace.
J. Q. B. Justice ofthe Queen's Bench.
J. U. B. Justice of the Upper Bench. During the Commonwealth of the English Court of 
     the King's Bench was called the Upper Bench. 
Jac. Jacobus, James; as, 4 Jac. 1, c. 1.
Jac. Introd. Jacob's Introduction to the Comm, Civil, and Canon Law.
Jac. L. D.
Jacob's law Dictionary.
jac. L. G. Jacob's law Grammar.
Jac. Lex. Mer.
jacob's Lex Mercatoria, or the Merchant's Companion.
Jac. R. Jacob's Chancery Reports. 
Jac. & Walk. Jacob & Walker's Chancery Reports.
Jack. Pl. Jackson on Pleading.
Jarm. on Wills. Jarman on the Law of Wills.
Jarm. Pow. Dev. Powell on Devises, with Notes by Jarman.
Jebb's Ir. Cr. Cas.
Jebb's Irish Criminal Cases.
Jeff. Man. Jefferson's Manual.
Jeff. R. Thomas
Jefferson's Reports.
Jenk. Jenkins' Eight Centuries of Reports; or Eight Hundred Cases solemnly  adjudged in 
    the Exchequer Chamber, or upon Writs of Error, from K. Henry III, to 21 K. James 
Jer. Jeremy.
Jer. on Carr.
Jeremy's Law of Carriers. 
Jer. Eq. Jur. Jeremy on the Equity Jurisdiction
of the High Court of  Chancery.
Jer. on Cor. Jervis on Coroners.
John. Cas. Johnson's Cases.
John. R. Johnson's Reports.
John. Ch. R. Johnson's Chancery Reports.
John. Eccl. Law. Johnson's Ecclesiastical Law.
Johns. Civ. L. of Sp. Johnson's Civil Law of Spain. 
Johns. on Bills. The Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Checks, &c., by 
     Cuthbert W.
Jon. Sir Wm. Jones' Reports.
Jon. & Car. Jones and Carey's Reports.
Jon. on Lib. Jones, De Libellis Famosis, or the Law of Libels.
Jon. Inst. HInd. L. Jones' Institutes of Hindoo Laws.
Jon. (1) Sir W. Jones' Reports.
Jon. (2) Sir T. Jones' Reports.
Jon. T. Thomas Jones' Reports.
Jon. on Bailm Jones' Law of Bailments.
Jones' Intr. Jones' Introduction to Legal Science.
Joy on Ev. Acc. Joy on the Evidence of Accomplices.
Joy on Chal. Joy on Challenge to Jurors.
Joy Leg. Ed. Joy on Legal Education.
Jud. Chr. Judicial Chronicle.
Jud. Repos. Judicial Repository.
Judg. Judgments.
Jr. Eccl. Jura Ecclesiastica, or a Treatise of the Ecclesiastical Law and Courts, interspersed 
     with various cases of Law and Equity.
Jr. Mar. Molloy's Jure Maritimo. Sometimes cited Molloy.
Jus. Nav. Thod. Jus Navale Thodiorum.
Just. Inst. Justinian's Institutes.
K. B. King's Bench.
K. C. R. Reports in the time of Chancellor
K.& O. Knapp & Omber's Election Cases.
Kames on Eq. Kames' Principles of Equity.
Kames' Ess. Kames' Essays.
Kames' Hist. L. T. Kames' Historical Law Tracts.
Keat. Fam. Settl. Keating on Family Settlements. 
Keb. Keble's Reports.
Keb. Stat. Keble's English Statutes.
Keen's R. Keen's Reports.
Keil or Keilw. Keilways' Reports.
Kel. Sir John Kelyng's Reports.
Kel. 1,2, or W. Kel. William Kelyng's Reports, two parts.
Norm L. D. Kelham's Norman French Law Dictionary.
Kell. R. Kelly's Reports.
Ken. on Jur. Kennedy on Juries.
Kent. Com. Kent's Commentaries on American Law.
Keny. Kenyon's Reports of the Court of King's Bench.
Kit. or
Kitch. Kitchen on Courts.
Kna.& Omb. Knapp & Omber's Election Cases.
Knapp's A. C. Knapp's Appeal Cases.
Knapp's R. Knapp's Privy Council Reports.
Kyd on Aw. Kyd on the Law of Awards.
Kyd on Bills. Kyd on the Law relating to Bills of Exchange.
Kyd on Corp. Kyd on the Law of Corporations.
L, in citation means law, as L. 1, 33. Furtum, ff de Furtis, i.e. law 1, section or paragraph 
     beginning with the word Furtum; ff, signifies the Digest, and the words de Furtis 
     denote the title. L. signifies also liber, book.
L.& G. Lloyd's & Goold's Reports.
L.& W.
Lloyd & welshy's Mercantile Cases.
LL. Laws, as LL. Gul. 1, c. 42. Laws of William I. chapter 42; LL. of U.S., Laws of the 
      United States.
L.S. Locus sigili.
L.R. Louisiana Reports.
La. Lane's REports.
Lalaure, des Ser.
Traite des Servitudes reelles, par M. laalaure.
Lamb. Archai. Lambard's Archaionomia.
Lamb. Eiren. Lambard's Eirenarcha.
Lamb. on Dow. Lambert on Dower.
Lat. Latch's Reprts.
Laus. on Eq. laussat's Essay on Equity Practice in Pennsylvania.
Law. on Chart. part. Lawes on the Law of Charter Parties.
Law. Lib. Law Library.
Law Rep. Law Reporter.
Laws Eccl. Law.
Laws' Ecclesiastical Law.
Law Intel. Law Intelligencer.
Law Fr. & latin Dict. Law French and Latin Dictionary.
Law. Pl. lawes' Elementary Treatise on Pleading in Civil Actions.
Law. Pl. in Ass. Lawes' Treatise on Pleading in Assumpsit.
Laws of Wom. Laws of Women.
Lawy. Mag. lawyer's magazine.
Ley's Reports.
Leach. Leach's Cases in Crown Law.
Lec. Elm. Lecons Elementaire du Driot Civil Romain.
Lee Abst. Tit. Lee on the Evidence of Abstracts of Title to Real Property.
Lee on Capt. Lee's Treatise of Captures in War.
Lee's Dict. Lee's Dictionary of Practice.
Lee's Eccl. R.
Lee's Ecclesiastical Reports.
Leg. Bibl. Legal Bibliography, by J.G. Marvin.
Leg. Legibus.
Leg. Obs. Legal Observer.
Leb. Oler. The Laws of Oleron.
Leg. on Outl. Legge on Outlawry.
Leg. Rhod. The Laws of Thodes.
Leg. ult. The Last Law.
Leg. Wish. Lawas of Wishury.
Leigh & Dal. on Conv. Leigh & Dalzell on Conversion of Property.
Leigh's R. Leigh's Reports.
Leigh's N.P. Leigh's Nisi Prius.
Leo. or Leon. Leonard's Reports.
Lev. Levinz' Reports.
Lev. Ent. Levinz's Entries.
Lew. C. C.
Lewin's Crown Cases.
Lew. Cr. Law. An Abridgment of the Criminal Law of the United States, by Ellis Lewis.
Lew. on Tr. Lewin on Trusts.
Lew. on Perp.
Lewin on the Law of Perpetuities.
Lex Man. Lex maneriorum.
Lex Mer. Lex Mercatoria. 
Lex Mer. Am. Lex Mercatoria Americana.
Lex Parl. Lex Parliamentaria. 
Ley. Ley's Reports.
Lib. Liber, book.
Libb. Ass. Liber Assisarum.
Lib. Ent. Old Book of Entries.
Lib. Feud. Liber Feudorum.
Lib. Intr. Liber Intrationum; or Old Book of Entries.
Lib. Nig. Liber Niger.
Lib. Pl. Liber Placitandi.
Lib. Reg. Register Books.
Lib. Rub. Liber Ruber. 
Lib. Ten. Liberum Tenementum.
Lid. Jud. Adv. Liddel's Detail of the Duties of a Deputy Judge Advocate.
Lill. Entr. Lilly's Entries.
Lill. Reg.
Lilly's Register.
Lill. Rep. Lilly's Reports.
Lill. Conv. Lilly's conveyancer.
Lind. Lindewooode's Provinciale; or Provincial Constitutions of England, with  the 
      Legantine Constitutions of Otho and Othobond.
Litt. s. Littleton, section.
Litt. R. Littell's Reports. 
Litt. Rittleton's
Litt. Sel. Cas. Littell's Select Cases.
Litt. Ten. Littleton's Tenures.
Liv. Livre, book.
Liv. on Ag. Livermore on the Law of Principal and Agent.
Liv. Syst. Livingston's System of Penal Law for the State of
Louisiana. This work is sometimes cited Livingston's Report on the Plan of a Penal Code.
Liverm. Diss. Livermore's dissertations on the Contrariety of Laws.
Llo.& Go. Lloyd & Goold's Reports.
Llo.& Go. t. Sudg. Lloyd &
Goold's Reports, during the time of Sugden.
Llo.& Go. t. Plunk. Lloud &
Goold during the time of Plunkett.
Llo.& Welsh. Lloyd & Welshy's Reports of Cases relating to Commerce, Manufactures, 
     &c., determined in the Courts of Common Law.
Loc. cit. Loco citato, the place cited.
Log. Comp. Compendium of the Law of England, Scotland, and Ancient Rome, by James
Lofft. Lofft's Reports.
Lois des Batim. Lois des Batimens.
Lom. Dig.
Lomax's Digest of the Law of Real Property in the United States.
Lom. Ex.
Lomax on Executors.
Long. Quint. Year Book, part 10 Vide Year Book.
Louis Code. Civil Code of Louisiana.
Louis. R. Louisiana Reports.
Lovel. on Wills. Lovelass on Wills.
Lown. Leg. Lowndes on the Law of Legacies.
Lube, Pl. Eq. An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Pleading, by D. G.
Luder's elec. Cas. Luder's Election Cases.
Luml. Ann. Lumley on Annuities.
Luml Parl. Pr. Lumley's Parliamentary Practice.
Luml on Settl.
Lumley on Settlements and Removal.
Lut. Ent. Lutwyche's entries.
Lutwyches' Reports.
M. Michaelmas Term.
M. Maxim, or Maxims.
M. Jary; as 4
Mary st.3, c.1.
M.& A. Montagu & Ayrton's Reports of Cases of Bankruptcy.
M.& B. Montagu and bligh's Cases in Bankruptcy.
M.& C. Mylne &Craig's Reports.
M.& C. Montagu & Chittys' Reports.
M.& G. Manning & Granger's Reports.
M.& G. Maddock & Geldart's Reports.
M.G.& S. Manning, Granger & Scott's Reports.
M.& K. Mylne & Keen's chancery Reports.
M.& M. or Mo.& Malk. Rep. Moody & Malkin's Nisi Prius Reports.
M. P. Exch. Modern Practice Exchequer.
M.& P. Moore & Payne's Reports.
M.R. Master ofthe Rolls.
M. R. Martin's Reports of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana.
M.& R. Manning & Ryland's Reports.
M.& S. Moore & Scott's Reports.
M.& S. Maule & Selwyn's Reports.
M.& Y. or Mart. & Yerg. Martin & Yerger's Reports.
M.& W. Meeson & Welshy's Reports.
M. D.& G. Montagu, Daecon & Gex's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy.
M'Arth. C. M. M'Arthur on Courts Martial.
M'Cl & Yo. M'Clelland & Younge's Exchequer Reports.
M'Clel. E. R. M'Clelland's Exchequer Reports.
M'Cord's Ch. R. M'Cord's Chancery Reports.
M'Cord's R. M'Cord's Reports
M'Kin. Phil. Ev. M'Kinnon's Philosophy of Evidence.
M'Naght. C. M. M'Naghton on Courts Martial.
McLean & Rob. McLean & Robinson's Reports.
M'Lean R. M'Lean's Reports.
Macn. on Null. Macnamara on Nullities and Irregularities in the Practice of the Law.
macnal. Ev. Macnally's Rules of Evidence on Pleas of the Crown.
Macph. on Inf. Macpherson on Infants.
Macq. on H.& W. Macqueen on Hushand and Wife.
Mad. Exhc. Madox's History ofthe Exchequer.
Mad. Form. Madox's Formulare Anglicanum.
Madd.& Geld. Maddock's & Geldart's Reports.
Madd. R. Maddock's chancery REports.
Madd. Pr. or Madd. Ch. Maddock's Chancery Practice.
Mag. Ins. Magens on Insurance.
Mal. Malyne's Lex
Man. Manuscript.
Man.& Gra. Manning & Granger's Reports.
man. Gr.& Sc. Manning, Granger & Scott's Reports.
Man.& Ry. Manning & Ryland's Reports.
Manb. on Fines. Manby on Fines.
Man. Comm. Manning's Commentaries of the Law of Nations.
Mann. Exch. Pr. Manning's Exchequer Practice.
mans. on Dem. Mansel on Demurrers.
Mans. on Lim. Mansel of the Law of Limitations.
Manw. Manwood's Forest Laws.
mar. Maritime.
mar. N.C. March's New Cases. 
Mar. R. march's Reports.
Marg. margin.
Marr. Adm. Dec.
Marriott's Admiralty Decisions.
Marr. Form. Inst. marriott's Formulare Instrumentorum; or a Formulary of Authentic 
     Instruments, Writs, and Standing orders used in the Court of Admiralty of Great 
     Britain, of Prize and Instance.
Marsh. Marshall's Reports in the Court of Common Pleas. A. Marsh. Marshall's (Kty.) 
     Reports. J. J. Marsh. J. J. Marshall's Reports. Marsh. Ins.
Marshall on the Law of Insurance.
Marsh. Decis. Brockenbrought's Reports of Chief JUstice marshall's Decisions.
Mart. law Nat. Martin's Law of Nations.
Mart. (N.C.) R. Martin's North Carolina Reports.
Mart. (Lo.) R. Martin's Louisiana Reports.
Marv. Leg. Bibl.
Marvin's Legal Bibliography.
Mart.& Yerg. Martin & Yerger's Reports.
Mart. N. S. Martin's Louisiana Reports, new series. Sason R. mason's circuit Court Reports.
Mass. R. Massachusetts Reports.
Math. on Pres. Mathew on the Doctrine of Presumption and Presumptive Evidence.
Matth. on Prt. Matthews on Portion.
Matth. on Ex. Matthews on Executors. maugh. Lit. Pr. Maughan on Literary Property.
Maule & Selw. Maule & Selwyn's Reports.
Maxw. L. D. Maxwell's Dictionary of the Law of Bills of Exchange, & c.
Maxw. on Mar. L. Laxwell's Spirit of the Marine Laws.
Mayn. Maynard's Reports. See Year Books in the body of the work. The first part of the 
    Y. B. is sometimes so cited.
Med. Jr. Medical Jurisprudence.
Mees. & Wels.
Meeson & Welshy's Reports.
Meigs, R. Meigs' Tennessee Reports.
Mer. R.
Merivale's Reports.
Merch. Dict. Merchant's Dictionary.
Merl. Quest.
Merlin, Questions de Driot.
Merl. Repert. Merlin, Repertoire.
Merrif. Law of Att. Merrifield's Law of Attorneys.
Merrif. on Costs. Merrifield's Law of costs.
Metc. R. Metcalf's Reports.
Metc. & Perk. Dig. Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and  Admiralty in the United States. By Theron Metcalf and Jonathan C. Perkins.
Mich. Michaelmas.
Mich. Rev. St. Michigan Revised Statutes.
Miles' R. Miles' Reports.
Mill. Civ. Law. Miller's civil Law.
Mill. Ins. Millar's Elements of the Law relating to Insurances. Sometimes this work is cited Mill. El.
Mill. on Eq. Mort.
Miller on Equitable Mortgages.
Minor's Rep. Minor's Alabama Reports,sometimes cited Ala. Rep.
Mirch. onAdv. Mirehead on Advowsons.
Mirroir des Justices.
Misso. R. Missourti Reports.
Mitf. Pl. Mitford's Pleadings in Equity. Also cited Redead. Pl. Redesdale's Pleadings. MO. Sir Francis Moore's Reports in the reign of K. Henry VIII., Q. Elizabeth, and K. 
Mo.& Malk. Moody & Malkin's Reports.
Mo. C. C. Moody's CrownCases.
Mo. Cas. Moody's Nisi Prius and Crown Cases.
Mod. or Mod. R. ModernReports.
Mod. Cas. Modern Cases.
Mod. C. L.& E. Modern Cases in Law and Equity. The 8 & 9 Modern Reports are 
     sometimes so cited; the 8th cited as the 1st, and the 9th as the 2d.
Mod. Entr. Modern entries.
Mod. Int.
Modus Intrandi.
Mol. Molloy, De jure Miartimo.
Moll. R. Molloy's chancery Reports.
Monr. R. Monroe's Reports.
Mont. & Ayrt. Montagu & Ayrton's Reports.
Mont. B. C. Montagu's Bankrupt Cases.
Mont. & Bligh. Montagu & Bligh's Cases in Bankruptcy.
Mont. & Chit. Montagu & Chitty's Reports.
Mont. onComp. Montagu on the Law of Composition. 
Mont. B. L. Montagu on the Bankrupt Laws.
Mont. on Set-off. Montagu on Set-off.
Mont. Deac. & Gex.
Montagu, Deacon & Gex's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy, argued and determined in the 
     Court of Review, and on Appeals to the Lord Chancellor.
Mont. Dig. Montagu's digest of Pleadings in EQuity.
Mont. Eq. Pl. Montagu's Equity Pleading.
Mont. & Mac. Montagu & MacArthur's Reports.
Mont. Sp. of Laws. Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws.
Montesquieu, Esprit des Lois.
Moo. & Malk. Moody & Malkin's Reports.
Moo. & Rob. Moody & Robinson's Reports.
Moore, R. J. B. Moore's Reports of Cases decided in the Court of Common Pleas.
Moore's A. C. Moore's Appeal Cases.
Moore & Payne. Moore & Payne's Reports of Cases in C. P.
Moore & Scott. Moore & Scott's Reports of Cases in C. P.
Mort. on Vend. Morton's law of Vendors and Purchasers of Chattels Personal.
Mos. Mosely'sReports.
MSS> Manuscripts; as, Lord Colchester's MSS>
Much. D.& S.
Muchall's Doctor and Student.
Mun. Municipal.
Munf. R. Munford'sReports.
Murph. R. Murphy's Reports.
My. & Keen. Mylne & Keen's ChanceryReports.
Myl.& Cr. Mylne & Craig's Reports.
N. Number.
N. or Nov. Novellae: the Novels.
N. A. Non allocatur.
N. B. Nulla bona.
N. Benl. New Benloe.
N.C. Cas. North Carolina Cases.
N. C. Law Rep. North Carolina Law Repository.
N. C. Term R. North Carolina Term Reports. This volume is sometimes cited 2 Tayl.
N. Chipm. R. N. Chipman's Reports.
N. E. I. Non est Inventus.
N. H. Rep. New Hampshire Reports.
N. H. & G. Nicholl, Hare & Garrow's Reports.
N. L. Nelson's editon of Lutwyche's Reports.
N. L. Nonliquet. Vide Ampliation.
N.& M. Neville & Manning's Repors.
N.& P. Neville & Perry's Reports.
N. P. Nisi Prius.
N.& M'C. Nott & M'Cord's Reports.
N.R. or New R. New Reports; the new series, or 4 & 5 Bos. & Pull. Reports, are usually 
    cited N. R. 
N. S. New Series of the Reports of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.
N. Y. R. S. New York Revised Statutes.
Nar. Conv. Nares on Convictions.
Neal's F.& F. Neal's Feasts and Fasts; an Essay on the Rise, Progress and Present State 
    of the Laws relating to Sundays and other Holidays, and other days of fasting.
Nels. Ab. Nelson's Abridgment.
Nels. Lex Maner. Nelson's Lex Maneriorum.
Nels. R. Nelson's Reports.
nem. con. Nemine contradicente, (q.v.)
Nem. Dis. nemine dissentiente.
Nev. & Mann. Neville & Manning's Reports.
nev. & Per. Neville & Perry's Reports.
New Benl. Benloe's Reports. Reports in the Reign of Henry VIII., Edw. VI.,'  Phil. and 
     Mary, and Elizabeth, and other Cases in the times of Charles. By William Benloe. 
     See Benl.
New Rep. new Reports.A continuation of Bosanquet & Puller's Reports.  See B.& P.
Newf. Rep.
Newfoundland Reports.
newl. Contr. Newland's Treatise on Contracts.
Newl. Ch. Pr. Newland's Chancery Practice.
Newn. Conv. Newnam on Conveyancing.
Ni. Pri. Nisi Pirus.
Nich. Adult. Bast. Nicholas on Adulterine Bastardy.
Nich. Har. & Gar. Nicholl, Hare & Garrow's Reports.
Nient Cul. Nient Culpable, old French, not guilty.
Nol. P. L.
Nolan's Poor Laws.
Nol. R. Nolan's Reports of Cases relative to the Duty and Office of Justice of the Peace.
Non Cul. Non culpabilis, not guilty.
North. Northington's Reports.
Nott.& M'cord. Nott & M'Cord's reports.
Nov. Novellae, the Novels.
Nov. REc. Novisimi Recopilacion de las
Leyes de Espana.
Noy's Max. Nou's Maxims. 
Noy's R. Noy's Reports.
O. Benl.
Old Benloe.
O. Bridg. Orlando Bridgman's Reports.
O. C. Old Code: so is
denominated the Civil Code of Louisiana, 1808.
O. N. B. Old Natura Brevium.Vide Vet. N. B., in the abbreviations, and "Old Natura 
     Brevium," in the body of the work.
O. Ni. These letters, which are an abbreviation for overatur nisis habent  sufficientem 
     exonerationem, are, according to the practice of the English Exchequer, marked upon 
     each head of a Sheriff's account for issues, amerciaments and mean profits. 4 Inst. 
Observ. Observations.
Off. Office. 
Off. Br. Officina Brevium.
Off. Ex. Wentworth's Office of Executors.
Ohio R. Ohio Reports.
Oldn. Oldnall's Welsh Practice.
Onsl. N. P. Onslow's Nisi Prius.
Ord. Anst. Ordinance of Amsterdam.
Ord. Antw. Ordinance of Antwerp.
Ord. Bilb. Ordinance of Bilboa.
Ord. Ch. Orders in Chancery.
Ord. Cla. Lord Clarendon's Orders. Ord. Copenh. Ordinance of
Ord. Cor. Orders of Court.
Ord. Flor. Ordinances of Florence.
Ord. Gen. Ordinance of Genoa.
Ord. Hamb. Ordinance of Hamburgh.
Ord. Konigs. Ordinance of Konigsherg.
Ord. Leg. Ordinances of Leghorn.
Ord. de la Mar. Ordonnance de la marine, de Louis XIV.
Ord. Prot.
Ordinances of Portugal.
Ord. Prus. Ordinances of Prussia.
Ord. Rott.
Ordinances of Rotterdam.
Ord. Swed. Ordinances of Sweden.
Ord. on Us.
Ordinances on the Law of Usury.
Orfil. Med. Jur. Orfila's Medical Jurisprudence.
Orig. Original.
Oought. Oughton's Ordo Judiciorum.
Overt. R.
Overton's Reports.
Ow. owen's Reports.
Owen, Bankr. Owen on Bankruptcy.
Page or part. Pp. Pages.
P. Pachalis, Easter term.
P.C. Pleas of the Crown.
P.& D. Perry & Davison's Reports.
P.& K. Perry & Knapp's Election Cases.
P.& M. PHilip and mary; as, 1 & 2 P.& M. c. 4.
P.N P. Peake's Nisi Prius.
P. P. Propria persona; in his own person.
Pa. R. Pennsylvania Reports.
P. R. or P. R. C. P. Practical REgister in the Common Pleas.
P. Wms. Peere Williams' Reports.
Paige's R. Paige's Chancery Reports.
R. Paine's Reports.
Pal. Palmer's Reports.
Pal. AG. Paley on the Law of
Principal and Agent.
Pal. Conv. Paley on Convictions.
Palm. Pr. Lords.
Palmer's Practice in the House of Lords.
Pand. Pandects. Vide Dig.
Paragraph; as, 29 Eliz. cap. 5, par. 21.
Par.& Fonb. M. J. Paris &
Fonblanque on Medical Jurisprudence.
Pardess. Pardessus, Cours de Driot Commercial. In this work Pardessus is cited in several 
      ways, namely:
Pardes. Dr. Com Part 3, tit. 1, c. 2, s. 4, n. 286; or 2 Pardes. n. 286, which is the same reference.
Park on Dow. Park on Dower.
Park, Ins. Park on Insurance.
Park. R. Sir Thomas Parker's Reports of Cases concerning the Revenue, in the Exchequer.
Park. on Ship. Parker on Shipping nad Insurance.
Parl. Hist. Parliamentary History.
Patch. on Mortg. Patch's Treatise on the Law of Mortgages.
Paul's Par. Off. Paul's Parish Officer.
Pay. Mun. Rights. Payne's Municipal Rights.
Peak. Add. Cas.
Peake's Additional Cases.
Peak. C. N. P. Peake's Cases determined at Nisi
Prius, and in the K. B.
Peake, Ev. Peake on the Law of Evidence.
Peck. R.
Peck's Reports.
Peck's Tr. Peck's Trial.
Peckw. E. C. Peckwell's Election Cases.
Penn. Bl. Pennsylvania Blackstone, by John Read, Esq.
Penn. law Jo.
Pennsylvania Law JOurnal.
Penn. R. Pennington's Reports. The Pennsylvania Reports are sometimes cited Penn. R., 
    but more properly, for the sake of distinction, Penna. R.
Penn. St. R. Pennsylvania State Reports.
Penna. Pr.
Pennsylvania Practice; also cited Tro. & Hal. Pr., Troubat & Haly's
Penna. R. Pennsylvania Reports.
Pennsylv. Pennsylvania Reports.
Penr. Anal. Penruddocke's Analysis ofthe Criminal Law.
Penult. The
last but one.
Per.& Dav. Perry & Davison's Reports.
Per.& Knapp. Perry &
Knapp's Election Cases.
Perk. Perkins on conveyancing.
Perk. Prof. B.
Perkins' Profitable Book.
Perpip. on Pat. Perpigna on Patents. The full title of this work is, "The French Law and 
     Practice of Patents for Inventions, Improvements, and Importations. by A. Perpigna, 
    A.M.L.B., Barrister in the Royal Court ofParis, Member of the Society for the 
    Encouragement of ARts, &c." The work is well written in the English language. The 
    author is a French lawyer, and has written another work on the same subject in French.
Pet. Ab. Petersdorff's Abridgment.
Pet. Adm. Dec. Peters' Admiralty Decisions.
Pet. on Bail, or Petersd. on Bail.
Petersdorff on the Law of Bail.
Pet. R. Peters' Supreme Court Reports.
Pet. C. C. R. Peters' Circuit Court Reports.
Petting. on Jur. Pettingal on Juries.
Phil. Ev. Phillips' Evidence.
Phil. Ins. PHillips on Insurance.
Phil. St. Tr. Phillips' State Trials.
Phill. Civ. and Can. Laws.
Phillimore on the Study of the Civil and Canon Law, considered in relation to the state, the 
      church, and the universities, and in connexion with the college of advocates.
Phill. on Dom. Phillimore on the Law of Domicil.
Phillim. or Phillim E. R. Phillimore' Ecclesiastical Reports.
Pick. R. Pickering's Reports.
Pig. Pigot on Recoveries.
Pike's Rep. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Law and 
      Equity of the State of Arkansas. By Albert Pike. These Reports are cited Ark. Rep.
      Pitm. Prin. and Sur. Pitman on Principal and Surety.
Placitum or plea. 
Pl. or Plow. or Pl. Com. Plowden's Commentaries, or Reports.
Plff. Plaintiff.
Platt on Cov. Platt on Law of Covenants.
Platt on Lea. Platt on Leases.
Pol. Pollexfen's Reports.
Poph. Popham's Reports. The cases at the end of Pophams' Reports are cited 2 Poph.
Port. R. Porter's Reports.
Poth. Pothier. The numerous works of Pothier are cited by abbreviating his name Poth. 
      and then adding the name of the treatise; the figures generally refer to the number, 
     as Poth. Ob. n. 100, which signifies Pothier's Treatise on the Law of Obligations, 
     number 100. Poth. du Mar. Pothier du Mariage.
Poth. Vente. Pothier Traite de Vente, & c. His
Pandects, in 24 vols. are cited Poth. Pand. with the book, title, law, & c.
Pott's L. D. Pott's Law Dictionary.
Pow. Powell. 
Pow. Contr. Powell on Contracts. 
Pow. Dev. Powell on Devises.
Pow. Mortg. Powell on Mortgages.
Pow. Powers. Powell on Powers.
Poyn. on M. and D. Poynter on the Law of Marriage and Divorce.
Pr. Principio. In pr. In principio; in the beginning.
Pr. Ex. Rep. or Price's E. R. Prices' Exchequer Reports.
Reg. Cha. Practical Register in Chancery.
Pr. St. Private Statute.
Pr. Stat. Private Statute.
Pract. Reg. C. P. Practical Register of the Common
Pract. Reg. in Ch. Practical Register in Chancery.
Prat. on H.& W.
Prater on the Law of Hushand and Wife.
Pref. Preface.
Prest. Preston. 
Prest. on Est. Preston on Estates. 
Prest. Abs. Tit. Preston's Essay on Abstracts of Title. 
Prest. on Conv. Preston's Treatise on Conveyancing.
Prest. on Leg. Preston on Legacies.
Pri. Price's\ Reports.
Price's Ex. Rep. Price's Exchequer Reports.
Price's Gen Pr.
Price's General Practice.
Prin. Principium, the beginning of a title or law.
Prin. Dec. Printed Decisions.
Priv. Lond. Customs or Privileges of London.
Pro. L. Province Laws.
Pro quer. Pro querentum, for the plaintiff.
Proct. Pr. Proctor's Practice.
Puff. Puffendorff's law of nature.
Q. Quaestione, in such a Question.
Q. B. Queen's Bench.
Q. B. R.
Queen's Bench Reports, by Adolphus & Ellis. New series.
Q.t. Qui tam.
Q. Van Weyt. Q. Van Weytsen on Average.
Q. Warr. Quo Warranto;
(q.v.) The letters (q.v.) quod vide, which see, refer to the article mentioned immediately 
    before them.
Qu. Quaestione, in such a
Quest. Questions.
Quinti Quinto. Year-book, 5 Henry V.
Quon. Attach. Quoniam Attachiamenta. See Dalr. F.L. 47.
R. Resolved, ruled, or repealed.
R. Richard; as, 2 R. 2, c. 1.
Rich. Rep. Richardson's (S.C.)
RC. Rescriptum.
R.& M. Russell and Milne's Reports.
R.& M. C. C.
Ryan and Moody's Crown Cases.
R.& M. N. P. Ryan & Moody's Nisi Prius Cases.
R.& R. Russell & Ryans' Criwn Cases.
R. M. Charlt. R. M. Charlton's
RS. Responsum.
R. S. L. Reading on Statute Law.
Ram on Judgm. Ram on the LAw relating to Legal Judgments
Rand. Perp. Randall on the Law of Perpetuities.
Rand. R. Randolph's Reports.
Rast. Rastall's Entries.
R. Rawle's Reports.
Rawle, Const. Rawle on the Constitution.
Ray's Med. Jur. Ray's Medical Jurisprudence on Insanityh.
Raym. or, more usually, Ld.
Raym. lrod Raymond's Reports. T. Raym. Sir Thomas Raymond's Reports.
Re. Fa. lo. Recordari facias loquelam. Vide Refalo in the body of the work.
Rec. Recopilation. 
Rec. Recorder; as, City Hall Rec.
Redd. on Mar. Com. Reddie's Historical View of hte Law of Maritime Commerce.
Redesd. Pl.
Redesdale's Equity Pleading. This work is also and must usually cited Mitf. Pl.
Reeves' H. E. L. Reeves' History of the English Law. 
Reeves on Ship. Reeves on the Law of Shipping and Navigation.
Reeves onDes. Reeves on Descents.
Reg. Regula, rule. 
Reg. Register.
Reg. Brev. Registrum
Brevium, or Register of Writs.
Reg. Gen. Regulae Generales.
Reg. Jud.
Registrum Judiciale.
Reg. Mag. Regiam Magestatem.
Reg. Pl. Regula
Renouard, des Brev. d'Inv. Traite des Brevets d'Invention, de
Perfectionement, et d'Importation, par Augustin Charles Renouard.
Rep. The
Reports of Lord Coke are frequently cited 1 Rep., 2 Rep., &c. and sometimes they are 
      cited Co.
Rep. Repertoire.
Rep. Eq. Gilbert's Reports in Equity.
Rep. Q. A. Reports of Cases during the time of Queen Anne.
Rep. T. Finch. Reports tempore Finch.
Rep. T. Hard. Reports during the time of Lord Hardwicke.
Rep. T. Holt. Reports tempore Holt.
Rep. T. Talb. Reports of Cases decided during the time of Lord Talbot.
Res. Resolution. The cases reported in Coke's Reports, are divided into resolutions on the different points of the case, and are cited 1 Res. &c.;Ret. Brev. Retorna Brevium.
Rev. St. or REv. Stat. REvised Statutes.
Rey, des Inst. del'Anglet. Des Institutions Judiciaries de l'Angleterre  comparees avec 
    celles de la France. Par Joseph Rey.
Reyn. Inst. Institutions du Droit des Gens, &c. par Gerard de Reyneval.
Ric. Richard; as, 12 Ric. 2, c. 15.
Rice's Rep. Reports of Cases in Chancery argued and determined in the Court of Appeals 
      and Court of Error of South Carolina. By William Rice, State Reporter.
Rich. Pr. C. P. Richardson's Practice in the Common Pleas.
Rich. Pr. K. B. Richardson's Practice in the King's Bench.
Rich Eq.
R. Richardson's Equity Reports.
Rich. on Wills. Richardson on Wills.
Ridg. Irish. T. R. Ridgeway, Lapp & Schoales' Term Reports in the K.B., Dublin. 
      Sometimes this is cited Ridg. L.& S.
Ridg. P. C. Ridgeway's Cases in Parliament.
Ridg. Rep. Ridgeway's Reports of Cases in K. B. and Chancery.
Ridg. St. Tr. Ridgeway's Reports of State Trials in Ireland.
Ril. Ch. Cas. Riley's chancery Cases.
Rob. Adm. REp. Robinson's Admiralty
Rob. Cas. Robertson's Cases in Parliament, from Scotland.
Rob. Dig. Robert's Digest of the English Statutes in force in Pennsylvania.
Rob. Entr. Robinson's Entries.
Rob. on Fr. Roberts on Frauds.
Rob. on Fraud. Conv. Roberts on Fraudulent Conveyances.
Rob. on Gavelk. Robinson on Gavelkind.
Rob. Lo. Rep. Robinson's Louisiana Reports. 
Rob. Just.
Robinson's Justice of the Peace.
Rob. Pr. Robinson's Practice in Suits at Law, in Virginia.
Rob. V. Rep. Robinson's (Virginia) Reports.
Rob. on Wills. Robert's Treatise on the Law of Wills and Codicils.
Roc. Ins. Roccus on Insurance. Vide Ing. Roc.
Rog. Eccl. Law. Rogers' Ecclesiastical law.
Rog. Rec. Roger's City Hall Recorder.
Roll. Rolle's Abridgment. 
R. Rolle's Reports.
Rom. Cr. Law. Romilly's Observations on the Criminal Law of England, as it relates to 
     capital punishment.
Rop. on H.& W. A Treatise on the Law of Property, arising from the relation between 
     Hushand and Wife. By R. S. Donnison Roper.
Rop. Leg. Roper on Legacies.
Rop. on Revoc. Roper on Revocations.
Rosc. Roscoe. 
Rosc. on Act.
Roscoe on Actions relating to Real Property.
Rosc. Civ. Ev. Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence on the Trial of Actions at Nisi 
Rosc. Cr. Ev. Roscoe on Criminal Evidence.
Rosc. on Bills. Roscoe's Treatise on the Law relating to Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Banker's Checks, &c.;Rose's R. Rose's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy.
Ross on V.& P. Ross on the Law of Vendors and Purchasers.
Rot. Parl. Rotulae Parliamentariae.
Rowe's Sci. Jur. Rowe's Scintilla Juris.
Rub. or Rubr.
Rubric, (q.v.)
Ruffh. Ruffhead's Statutes at Large.
Runn. Ej. Runnington on Ejectments.
Runn. Stat. Runnington's Statutes at Large.
Rus.& Myl. Russell & Mylne's Chancery Reports.
Rush. Rushworth's Collections.
Russ. Cr.
Russell on Crimes and Misdemeanors.
Rus.& Myl. Russell & Mylne's Reports of Cases in Chancery.
Russ. on Fact. Russell on the Laws relating to Factors and Brokers.
Russ. R. Russell's Reports of Cases in Chancery.
Russ.& Ry.
Russell & Ryan's Crown Cases.
Rutherf. Inst. Rutherford's Institutes of Natural Law.
Ry. F. Rymer's Foedera.
Ry.& Mo. Ryan & Moody's Nisi Prius
Ry.& Mo. C. C. Ryan & Moody's Crown Cases.
Ry. MEd. Jur. Ryan on Medical Jurisprudence.
S. , section.
S. B. Upper Bench.
S.& B. Smith &Batty's Reports.
S. C. Same Case.
S. C. C. Select Cases in Chancery.
S. C. Rep. South Carolina Reports.
S.& L. Schoales & Lefroy's Reports.
S.& M.
Shaw & Maclean's Reports.
S.& M. Ch. R. Smedes & Marshall's Reports of Cases decided by the Superior Court of 
     Chancery of Mississippi.
S.& M. Err. & App. Smedes & Marshall's Reports of Cases in the High Court of Errors 
     and Appeals of Mississippi.
S. P. Same Point. 
S.& R. Sergeant &
Rawle's Reports.
S.& S. Sausse & Scully's Reports.
S.& S. Simon & Stuart's Chancery Reports.
Sa.& Scul. Sausse & Scully's Reports.
Samdl. St. Pap.
Sandler's State Papers.
Salk. Salkeld's Reports.
Sandf. Rep. Reports of
Cases argued and determined in the Court of Chancery of the State of New York, before 
      the Hon. Lewis H. Sandford, Assistant vice Chancellor of the First Circuit.
Sand. U.& T. Sanders on Uses and Trusts.
Sanf. on Ent.
Sanford on Entails.
Sant. de Assoc. Santerna, de Asecurationibus.
Saunders' Reports.
Saund. Pl. & ev. Saunders' Treatise on the Law of Pleading and Evidence.
Sav. Saville's Reports.
Sav. Dr. Rom. Savigny, Driot Romain.
Sav. Dr. Rom. M. A. Savigny, Driot Romain au Moyen Age.
Sav. Hist.Rom. Law. Savigny's History of the Roman Law during the Middle, 
      Ages.Translated from the German of Carl Von Savigny, by E. Cathcart.
Say. Costs.
Sayer's Law of Costs.
Say. Sayer's Reports. 
SC. Senatus consultum.
Scac. de Cam. Scaddia de Cambiis.
Scam. Rep. Scammon's Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois.
Scan. Mag. Scandalum Magnatum.
Sch.& Lef. Schoales & Lefroy's Reports.
Scheiff. Pr. Scheiffer's Practice.
Schul. Aq. R. Schultes on Aquatic Rights.
Sci. Fa. Scire Facias.
Sci. fa. ad. dis. deb. Scire facias ad disprobandum debitum, (q.v.)
Scil. Scilicet, i.e. scire licet, that is to say.
Sco. N.R. Scott's new Reports.
Scott's R. Scott's Reports.
Scriv. Copyh. Scriven's Copyholds.
Seat. F. Ch. Seaton's Forms in Chancery.
Sec. Section.
Sec. Leg.
Secundum legem; according to law.
Sec. Reg. Secundum regulam; according to rule.
Sedgw. on Dam. Sedgwick on Damages.
Sel. Ca. Chan. Select Cases in Chancery. Vide S. C. C. 
Seld. mar. Cla. Selden's Mare Clausum.
Self. Tr.
Selfridge's Trial.
Sell. Pr. Sellon's Practice in K. B. and C. P. 
Selw. N. P. Selwyn's Nisi Prius. 
Selw. R. Selwyn's Reports. These Reports are
usually cited M.& S. Maule & Selwyn's Reports.
Sem. or Semb. Semble, it seems.
Sen. Senate.
Seq. Sequentia.
Serg. on Att. Sergeant on the Law of Attachment.
Serg. Const. Law. Sergeant on constitutional Law.
Serg. on Land L. Sergeant on the Land Laws of Pennsylvania.
Serg.& Loub. Sergeant & Lowher's edition of the English Common Law Reports; more 
    usually cited Eng. Com. Law Rep.
Serg.& Rawle. or S.R. Reports of Cases adjudged in the
Supreme Court of  Pennsylvania. By Thomas Sergeant and William Rawle,Jun.
Sess. Ca. Sessions Cases in K. B., chiefly touching Settlements.
Set. on Dec. Seton on Decrees.
Shaw & Macl. Shaw & Maclean's Reports.
Shelf. Lun. Shelford on Lunacy. 
Shelf. on Mort. Shelford on the Law of Mortmain.
Shelf. on Railw. Shelford on Railways.
Shelf. on R. Pr. Shelford on Real Property.
Shep. To. Sheppard's Touchstone.
Shepl. R. Shepley's Reports.
Sher. Sheriff.
Show. P. C. Shower's Parliamentary Cases.
Show. R.
Shower's Reports in the Court of King's Bench.
Shub. Jur. Lit. Shuback de Jure Littoris.
Sid. Siderfin's Reports.
Sim. Simon's Chancery Reports. In Con. C.R.
Sim.& Stu. Simon & Stuart's Chancery Reports.
Skene, Ver. Sign.
Skene de VerborumSignificatione; an explanation of terms, difficult words, &c.;Skin. Skinner's Reports.
Skirr. Und.Sher. Skirrow's Complete Practical Under Sheriff.
Slade's Rep. Slade's Reports. More usually cited Vermont Reports.
Smed & Marsh. Ch. R. Smedes & Marshall's Reports of Cases decided by the High Court 
     of Errors and Appeals of Mississippi.
Smith & Batty. Smith & Batty's Reports.
Smith's Ch. RPr. Smith's Chancery Practice.
Shith's For. Med. Smith's Forensic Medicine. 
Smith's Hints. Smith's Hints for the Examination of Medical Witnesses.
Smith on M. L. Smith on Mercantile Law.
Sm. on Pat. Smith on the Law of Patents.
Smith's R. Smith's Reports in K. B., together with Cases in the Court of Chancery.
Solutio, the answer to an objection.
South. Car. R. South Carolina Reports.
South. R. Southard's Reports.
Sp. of Laws. Spirit of Laws, by Montesquieu.
Spelm. Feuds. Spelman on Feuds.
Spel. Gl. Spelman's Glossary.
Spence on Eq. Jur. of Ch. Spence on the Equitable Jurisdiction of Chancery.
Spenc. R. Spencer's Reports.
Speers' Eq. Cas. Equity Cases argued and determined in the Court of Appeals of South Carolina. By R. H.
Speers' Rep. Speers' Reports.
Ss. usually put in small letters, ss.
Scilicet, that is to say.
St. or Stat. Statute.
St. Armand. Hist. Ess. St.
Armand's Historical Essay on the Legislative Power of England.
Stant. R.
Stanton's Reports.
Stath. Ab. Statham's Abridgment.
St. Cas.
Stillingfleet's Cases.
St. Tr. State Trials.
Stair's Inst. Stair's Inst.
Stair's Institutions of the Law of Scotland.
Stallm. on Elec. & Sat.
Stallman on Election and Satisfaction.
Stark. Starkie's Ev. Starkie on the Law of Evidence.
Stark. Cr. Pl. Starkie's Criminal Pleadings.
Stark. R.
Starkie's Reports.
Stark. on Sl. Starkie on Slander and Libel.
Stat. Wes. Statute of Westminster.
Staunf or Staunf. P. C.
Staunford's Pleas of the Crown.
Stearn. on R. A. Stearne on Real Actions.
Steph. Comm. Stephen's New Commentaries on the Law of England.
Steph. Cr. Law. Stephen on Criminal Law. 
Steph. Pl. Stephen on Pleading.
Steph. Proc. Stephen on Procurations.
Steph. on Slav. Stephens on
Stev. on Av. Stevens on Average.
Stev.& B. on Av. Stevens & Beneke on Average.
Stew. Adm. Rep. Stewart's Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Court of Vice 
      Admiralty at Halifax.
Stew. R. Stewart's Reports.
Stew.& Port's. Stewart & Porter's Reports.
Story on Bail. Story's Commentaries on the Law of Bailments.
Story on Const. Story on the Constitution of the United States.
Story on Eq. Story's Commentaries on Equity Jurisprudence.
Story's L. U. S. Story's edition of the Laws of the United States, in 3 vols. The 4th and 
     5th volumes are a continuation of the same work by George Sharswood, Esq.
Story on Partn. Story on Partnership.
Story on Pl. Story on Pleading.
Story, R. Story's Reports.
Str. Strange's Reports.
Stracc. de Mer. Straccha de Mercatura, Navibus Assecurationibus.
Strah. Dom. Straham's Translation of Domat's Civil Law.
Strob. R. Strobhart's Reports.
Stroud's Dig. Stroud's Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania.
Stuart's (L.C.) R. Reports of Caes in the Court of King's bench in the Provincial Court of 
     Appeals of Lower Canada, and Appeals before the Lords of the Privy Council. By 
     George O'Kill Stuart, Esq.
Sty. Style's Reports.
Sugd. Lett. Sugden's Letters.
Sugd., Sugd. Pow.
Sugden on Powers. 
Sugd. Vend. Sugden on Vendors. 
Sull. Lect. Sullivan's Lectures on the Feudal Law, and the Constitution and Laws of 
Sull. on Land Tit. Sullivan's History of Land Titles in Massachusetts.
Sum. Summa, the Summary of a law.
Sumn. R. Sumner's Circuit Court Reports.
Supers. Supersedeas.
Supp. Supplement. 
Supp. to Ves. Jr.
Supplement to Vesey Junior's Reports.
Swan on Eccl. Cts. Swan on the Jurisdiction of Eccleciastical Courts.
Swanst. Swanston's Reports.
Sweet on Wills. Sweet's Popular Treatise on Wills.
Swift's Dig. Swift's Digest of
the Laws of Connecticut.
Swift's Ev. Swift's Evidence.
Swift's Sys. Swift's
System of the Laws of Connecticut. 
Swinb. Swinburn on the Law of Wills andTestaments. This work is generally  cited by 
     refernce to the part, book, chapter, &c.;Swinb. on Desc. Swinburne on the Law of Descents.
Swinb.\on Mar. Swinburne on Marriage.
Swinb. on Spo. Swinburne on Spousals.
Swinburne on Wills.
Syst. Plead. System of Pleading.
T. Title.
T.& G.
Tyrwhitt & Granger's Reports.
T.& P. Turner & PHillips' Reports.
T. Jo. Sir
Thomas Jones' Reports.
T. L. Termes de la Ley, or Terms of the Law.
T. R.
Term Reports. Ridgeway's Reports are sometimes cited Irish Tr.
T. R. TesteRege.
T.& R. Turner & Russell's Chancery Reports.
T.& R. Turner & Russell'sReports.
T. R. E. or T. E. R. Tempore Regis Edwardi. This abbreviation is
      frequently used in Domesday Book, and in the more ancient Law writers. See 
     Tyrrel's Hist. Eng., introd. viii. p. 49. See also Co. Inst. 86, a,where in a quotation 
     from Domesday Book, this abbreviation is interpreted Terra Regis Edwardi; but in 
     Cowell's Dict. verb. Reveland, it is said to be wrong.
T. Raym. Sir Thomas Taymond's Reports.
T. U. P. Chalt. T. U. P. Charlton's Reports.
Tait on Ev. Tait on Evidence.
Taml. on Ev. Tamlyn on Evidence, principally with reference to the Practice of the Court 
     of Chancery, and in the Master's office.
Taml. R. Tamlyn's Reports of Cases decided in Chancery.
Taml. T. Y. Tamlyn on Terms for Years.
Tapia. Jur. Mer. Tratade de Jurisprudentia Mercantil.
Taunt. Taunto's Reports.
Tayl. on Ev. Taylor on Evidence.
Tayl Cir. L. Taylor's Civil Law.
Tayl. Law glo. Taylor's Law Glossary.
Tayl. L.& T. Taylor's Treatise on the American Law of Landlord and Tenant.
Tech. Dict. Crabb's Technological Dictionary.
Thach. Crim. Cas. Thacher's Criminal Cases.
Th. Br. Thesaurus brevium. 
Th. Dig. Theloall's Digest.
Theo. of Pres. Pro. Theory of Presumptive Proof.
Theo. Pres. Pro. Theory of Presumptive Proof, or an Inquiry into the Nature of 
     Circumstantial Evidence.
Tho. co. Litt. Coke upon Littleton' newly arranged on the plan of Sir Matthew Hale's Analysis. By J. H. Thomas, Esq.
Thomp. on Bills. Thompson on Bills.
Tho. U.J. Thomas on Universal Jurisprudence. 
Tidd's Pr. Tidd's Practice.
Toll. Ex. Toller's Executors.
Toml. L. D. Tomlin's Law dictionary.
Toth. Tothill's reports.
Touchs. Sheppard's Touchstone.
Toull.Le Droit civil Francais suivant Pordre du Code; ouvrage dans lequel on a tache de 
     reunir la eorie a la practique. Par M. C. B. M. Toullier. This work is sometimes cited 
     Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. liv. 3, t. 2, c. 1, n. 6; at other times, 3 Toull. n. 86, which latter 
     signifies vol. 3 of Toullier's work, No. 86.
Tr. Eq. Treatise of Equity; the same as Fonblanque on Equity.
Traill, Med. Jur. Outlines of a Course of Lectures on Medical Jurisprudence. By Thomas 
      Stewart Traill, M.D.
Treb. Jur. de la Med.Jurisprudence de la Medecine, de la Chirurgie, et de la Pharmacie. Par 
      Adolphe Trebuchet.
Trem. Termaine's Pleas of the Crown.
Tri. of 7 Bish.
Trial of the Seven Bishops.
Tri. per Pais. Trials per Pais.
Trin. Trinity
Tuck. Bl. Com. Blackstone's Commentaries, edited by Judge
Turn. R. Turner's Reports of Cases determined in Chancery.
Turn.& Russ. Turner & Russell's Chancery Reports.
Tuck. Com. Tucker'sCommentaries.
Turn.& Phil Turner & PHillips' Reports.
Tyl. R. Tyler's Reports.
Tyrw. Tyrwhitt's Exchequer Reports.
Tyrw.& Gra. Tyrwhitt & Granger's Reports. Tyt. Mil. Law. Tytler's Essay on Military 
     Law and the Practice of Military Courts Martial.
U.S. United States of America.
U.S. Dig. United States Digest. See Metc.& Perk. Dig.
Ult. Ultimo, ultima, last, usually applied to last title, paragraph or law.
Umfrev. Off of Cor.
Umfreville's Office of Coroner.
Under Sher. Under Sheriff, containing the office and duty of High Sheriff, Under Sheriffs 
     and Bailiffs.
Ux. et. Et uxor, et uxorem, and wife.
V. Versus, against; as AB. v. CD.
V. Versiculo, in such a verse.
V. Vide, see.
V. or v. Voce; as Spelm Gloss. v. Cancelarious.
V.& B. Vesey & Beames' Reports.
V. C. Vice Chancellor.
Voce, or Vocem.
V.& S. Vernon & Scriven's Reports.
Val. Com. Valin's Commentaries.
Van. Heyth. Mar. Ev. Van Heythuysen's Essay upon marine Evidence, in Courts of Law 
      and Equity.
Vand. Jud. Pr. Vanderlinden's Judicial Practice.
Vat. or Vattel. Battle's Law of Nations.
Vang. vaugnan's Reports.
Vend. Ex. Venditioni Exponas.
Ventr. Ventris' Reports.
Verm. R.
Vermont Judges' Reports.
Vern. Vernon's Reports.
Vern.& Scriv. Vernon & Scriven's Reports of Cases in the King's Courts, Dublin.
Verpl. Contr.
Verplanck on Contracts.
Verpl. Ev. Verplanck on Evidence.
Ves. Vesey Senior's Reports.
Ves. Jr. Vesey Junior's Reports.
Ves.& Bea. Vesey & Beames' Reports.
Vet. N. B. Old Natura Brevium. 
Vid. Vidian's Entries.
Vin. Ab. Viner's Abridgment.
Vin. Supp. Supplement ot Viner'sAbridgment.
Vinn. Vinnius. 
Viz. Videlicet, that is to say.
Vs. Versus.
1, W. 2. Statutes of Westminster, 1 and2.
W. C. C. R. Washington's Circuit Court Reports.
W.& C. Wilson & Courtenay's Reports.
W. Jo. Sir William Jones' Reports.
W. Kel. William Kelynge's Reports.
W.& M. William and Mary.
W.& M. Rep. Woodbury & Minot's Reports.
W.& S. Wilson & Shaw's Reports of Cases decided in the House of Lords.
Wigr. on Disc. Wigram on Discovery.
Walf. on Part. Walford's Treatise on the Law respecting Parties to Actions.
Walk. Ch. Ca. Walker's Chancery Cases.
Walk. Am. R. or Walk. Introd. Walker's Introduction to American Law.
Walk. R. Walker's Reports.
Wall. R. Wallace's Circuit Court Reports.
Ward, on Leg. Ward on Legacies.
Ware's R. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the District Court of the United 
      States, for the District of Maine.
Warr. L. S.
Warren's Law Studies.
Wash. C. C. Washington's Circuit Court Reports.
Washb. R. Washburn's Vermont Reports.
Wat. Cop. Watkin's Copyhold.
Watk. Conv. Watking's Principles of conveyancing.
Wats. Cler. Law. Watson's Clergyman's Law.
Wats. on Arb. Watson on the Law of Arbitrations and Awards.
Wats. on Partn. Watson on the Law of Partnership.
Wats. on Sher. Watson on the Law relating to the office and duty of Sheriff.
Watt's R. Watt's Reports.
Watts & Serg. Watts & Sergeant's Reports.
Welf. on Eq. Plead. Welford on Equity Pleading.
Wellw. Ab.
Wellwood's Abridgment of Sea Laws.
Wend. R. Wendell's Reports. 
Wentw. Off. Ex. Wentworth's Office of Executor. 
Wentw. Pl.
Wentworth's System of Pleading.
Wesk. Ins. Weskett on the Law of Insurance.
West's Parl. Rep. West's parliamentary Reports.
West's Rep.
West's Reports of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke.
West's Symb. West's Symboliography, or a description of instruments and precedents, 2 \
Westm. Westminister; 
Westm. I. Westminister primer.
Weyt. on Av.
Quintin Van Weytsen on Average.
Whart. Cr. Law. Wharton on the Criminal Law of the United States.
Whart. Dig. Wharton's Digest.
Whart. Law Lex.
Wharton's Law Lexicon, or Dictionary of Jurisprudence.
Whart. R. Wharton's Reports.
Wheat. Wheaton.
Wheat. R. Wheatons' Reports.
Wheat. on Capt.
Wheaton's Digest of the Law of Maritime Captures and Prizes.
Wheat. Hist. of L. of N. Wheaton's History of the Law of Nations in Europe and America.
Wheel. Ab. Wheeler's Abridgments.
Wheel Cr. Cas. Wheeler's Criminal Cases.
Wheel on Slav. Wheeler on Slavery.
Whish. L. D. Whishaw's Law Dictionary.
Whit. on Liens. Whitaker on the Law of Liens.
Whit. on
Trans. Whitaker on Stoppage in Transitu.
White's New Coll. A New Collections of the Laws, Charters, and Local Ordinances of the 
       Governments of Great Britain, France, Spain, &c.;Whitm. B. L. Whitmarsh's Bankrupt Law.
Wicq. L'Ambassadeur et ses fonctions, par de
Wightw. Wightwich's Reports in the Exchequer.
Wilc. on Mun. Cor. Wilcock on Municipal Corporations.
Wilc. R. Wilcox's Reports.
Wilk Leg. Ang. Sax. Wilkin's leges Anglo-Saxionicae.
Wilk. on Lim. Wilkinson on Limitations.
Wilk on Publ. Funds. Wilkinson on the Law relating to the Public Funds, including the 
      Practice of Distringas, &c.;Wilk. on Repl.
Wilkinson on the Law of Replevin.
Will. Auct. Williams on the Law of Auctions.
Will. on Eq. Pl. Willis' Treatise on Equity Pleadings.
Will. on Inter. Willis on Interrogatories.
Will. L. D. Williams' Law Dictionary.
Will. Per. Pr. Williams' Principles of the Law of Personal Property.
Will. (P.) Rep. Peere Williams' Reports.
Willc. Off. of Const.
Willcock on the Office of Constable.
Willes' R. Willes' Reports.
Wills on Cir. Ev. Wills on Circumstantial Evidence.
Wils. on uses. Wilson on Springing Uses.
Wilm on Mortg. Wilmot on Mortgages.
Wilm. Judg. Wilmot's Notes of Opinions and Judgments.
Wils. on Arb. Wilson on Arbitration.
Wils. Ch. R. Wilson's Chancery Reports.
Wils.& Co. Wilson & courtenay's Reports.
Wils. Ex. R. Wilson's Exchequer Reports.
Wils.& Sh. Wilson & Shaw's Reports decided by the House of Lords.
Wils. R. Wilson's Reports.
Win. Winch's Entries. 
Win. R. Winch's Reports.
Wing. Max. Wingate's Maxims.
Wins. JUst. Williams' Justice.
Wms. R., more usually, P. Wms. Peere
Williams' Reports.
Wolff. Inst. Wolffius Institutiones Juris Naturae.
Wood's Inst., or Wood's Inst. Com.. L. Wood's Institutes of the Common Law of    
Wood's Inst. Civ. Law. Wood's Institutes of the Civil Law.
Wood & Min. Rep. Woodbury and Minot's Reports.
Woodes. El Jur. Woodesson's Elements of Jurisprudence.
Lect. Wooddesson's Vinerian Lectures.
Woodf. L. and T. Woodfall on the Law of Landlord and Tenant.
Woodm. R. Woodman's Reports of Criminal Cases tried in the Municipal Court of the City of Boston.
Wool. Com. L. Woolrych's commercial Law.
Wool. L. W. Woolrych's law of Waters.
Woolr. on Com. Law.
Woolrych's Treatise on the Commercial and Mercantile Law of England.
Wool. on Ways. Woolrych on Ways.
Worth. on Jur. Worthington's
Inquiry into the Power of Juries to decide 
 incidentally on Questions of
Worth. Pre. Wills. Worthington's GeneralPrecedents for Wills, with practical notes.
Wright's R. Wright's Reports.
Wright, Fr. Soc. Wright on Friendly Societies.
Wright, Ten. Sir Martin Wright's Law of Tenures.
Wy. Pr. Reg. Wyatt's Practical Register.
X. The decretals of Gregory the ninth are denoted by the letter X, thus, X.
Y. B. Year Books, (q.v.)
Y.& C.
Younge & Collyer's Exchequer Reports.
Y.& C. N. C. Younge & Collyer's New Cases.
Y.& J. Younge & Jervis' Exchequer Reports.
Yeates, R. Yeates' Reports.
Yearb. Year Book.
Yelv. Yelverton's Reports.
Yerg. R. Yerger's Reports.
Yo.& Col. Younge & Collyer's Exchequer Reports.
Yo.& Col. N. C.
Younge and Collyer's New Cases.
Yo. Rep. Younge's Reports.
Yo.& Jer. Younge & Jervis' Reports.
Zouch's Adm. Zouch's Jurisdiction of the Admiralty of England, asserted.


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